How to Make a Small Mandir l Mandir/ Pooja Ghar Organization ( In Hindi) l Eng Subtitles Added

Welcome to RealLife Realhome Today’s video is about How to make a small mandir at home and how to Organize it Before starting the video i would like to say that in no way I am an expert in this area, so if I make any mistakes I apologize for it. Its very difficult to find a mandir that meet your needs specially when you are living abroad You have very few options So what I did is that I bought a bookshelf from Walmart and place adhesive decor paper inside it. I will be using this as my Home Mandir. On top of the shelf I have placed a shelf Liner Then I have also pasted aluminium foil on the interiors to protect it from Diya lightning stains So this is how the basic structure looks like As per my knowledge I have placed the Mandir in the North East corner of the house So on The top shelf I have 2 boxes . In the big one I have all my Prayer books like The Ramayana, and The Geeta. The next box contains clothes of The Lord. On the next shelf I have placed all my Murtis and pictures of God.I have decorated with Pearl Necklace I have placed My Diya on a copper plate. Always be very careful when you light a diya specially with wooden Mandir and Wooden floors. If you are not able to light a Diya in the Morning you can also do Sandhya Bati ( lighting diya in the evening) Moving on to second shelf I have place here all my accessories required for Pooja. I have used a DIY organizer ( i have this video on my channel) In this organizer I have my Mauli, Bati, pooja mala , and incense I have placed a Tissue liner beneath the Ghee container I have also used a shelf divider to use the vertical space properly. So that i can keep things both up and down the shelf.. On top I have kept my books and matchstick and bottom I have kept my other things like Prashad , Gangajal, etc. I have kept two rugs to sit on when I do Pooja and have kept a small dustbin near as well so that the area does not get messy. And lastly I will show you how to make a Mandir Curtain I have taken two dining table runners and placed a twine after folding them from Top. I will tie them at back and will use as curtains. So this is my Mandir , I hope you like it.

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