How To Make An Ironing Mat | Sewing Tutorial
How To Make An Ironing Mat | Sewing Tutorial

Sometimes an ironing board just isn’t big
enough. For those cases, I made an ironing mat that
basically turns my table into a big ironing board. Let me show you how I made it. The key component is this heat reflecting
batting and it’s also used for potholders and stuff like that. I’m using some old cotton towels to provide
extra insulation. And then some nice cotton fabric for the top
and bottom. You only want to be using cotton on this project,
since other fabrics may have trouble handling the heat. To make sure this combination of layers would
do the trick, I put them in order and did a quick ironing test. Even on the highest setting, the bottom only
gets slightly warm, so I’m good to go. I started by cutting the bands off the towels,
so that they are able to lie flat. I sewed the towels together to get as big
of a piece as I could, and then I cut the towels into two identical rectangles. They ended up being 64 by 140 cm. I cut the other layers to this size as well. Now I took my time putting all the layers
together, and I made sure there were no wrinkles. I started with the bottom layer of cotton
fabric, then I added the towel, the heat reflecting batting with the silver side up, another towel and then the final layer of cotton fabric. I added some pins around the edge to make
sure nothing would shift and then I sewed all the way around to attach the layers together. I also added a few lines of stitching across
the surface to keep everything in place permanently. Some of the layers had stretched more than
others, so I cut closely around the stitching to make all the edges line up. To finish the edge I’m using bias tape. To apply it, fold one side open, line it up
with the edge and stitch it down on top ofthe fold. When you get to a corner, stop sewing about
0,5 cm from the edge. Cut your threads and fold the bias tape to
the side, making a 45 degree angle at the corner. Then fold the bias tape back over itself,
lining it up with the next side. Start sewing again at the edge. And this creates a nice mitered corner. When you come all the way around, fold the
beginning of the bias tape over and keep sewing until you passed it. Then you can fold the bias tape to the front. At the corners, continue folding one edge
straight inwards until the end. When you now continue with the next edge,
you’ll get a nice mitered corner again. I’m sewing the remainder of my bias tape into
a strap by folding in the ends and stitching it closed. I then folded it in half and slid it underneath
the bias tape in the middle of one of the shorter sides. Sew the binding tape in place by stitching
close to the inner edge all the way around. I added some extra stitching around the straps
to make the connection a bit stronger. And finally, I added my label. And there you go. A portable ironing mat that turns any table
into an ironing board. I know this is going to come in very handy
for me very soon, so stay tuned for that! I’ll see you next time. Bye.

12 thoughts on “How To Make An Ironing Mat | Sewing Tutorial”

  1. Becky Stern says:

    Great project! Lots of great tips along the way too, I had no idea how to make such a nice corner with bias tape.

  2. Make it Soph says:

    Great job Ellen, I learn so much from your videos!

  3. The Redsmith says:

    Nice project Ellen!!

  4. JENNI.SWISS says:

    yes! cool procet and good idea🍀 thank you ellen✌️️

  5. amoimanga72 says:

    very good idea! thank you and greetings from Italy ^__^

  6. Jul's Workshop says:

    Great project !

  7. David Marks says:

    that's a good idea and could be made smaller for tighter spaces

  8. simonewarrior says:

    Great tutorial! Thanks for taking the time to create, record, and share the posted video. Definitely very insightful. I actually need a small portable ironing pad but I love how you made yours and my biggest concern were the layers to use which you answered for me. I'm ready to use your idea on a smaller scale that I know will work for me. Thank you again!

  9. Rachel Pollock says:

    Nice tutorial! Where did you get your labels? Have you made or seen a wool felted pressing pad instruction video? Thx

  10. Bianka Jesse says:

    Very good. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Arwa Shikora says:

    Can i know what size is it???

  12. Ruth Mandato says:

    Thank you, this is a great video. I will get a lot of this ironing Matt.

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