How to Make Easy Quilted Fabric Postcards
How to Make Easy Quilted Fabric Postcards

Hey! It’s Vanessa from and
I post weekly crafting and cooking videos here on YouTube. Ever since I was selected
as one of the YouTube’s NextUp winners I now have all the resources in place to make my
channel bigger and better. So, I’ve been working hard for the last couple of months to bring
you the best tutorials that I know how. If you haven’t been to my channel in a while
I definitely recommend that you head on over and check out the different tutorials I have.
There’s pretty much something there for everybody. I have a new video posted every Monday and
we alternate the video content on a weekly basis. So we’ll do sewing, then quilting,
then the next week will be cooking or baking and then what I call my wildcard videos. If
you check out last week’s wildcard video tutorial you’ll see I taught you all how to make your
own soap from scratch. My tutorials are also now being offered fully captioned for the
hearing impaired. This week we’re ready for a new quilting tutorial so I’m going to show
you all how to make some really easy fabric postcards that you can actually send off in
the mail. The scrap fabric I’m using today is these
little 5 inch by 5 inch squares. They’re called charms and they work perfect for this type
of project because what you want to make sure is that your scraps measure at least 4 inches
in one direction. So notice I chopped these up really narrowly here but here I know it’s
5 inches. So, you want it to measure at least 4… and if not, a little bit more because
we’re going to trim it down to 4 inches by 6 inches which is the postcard size. So, first
thing we are going to do to get something like a design like this…very abstract, is
grab the pieces of scrap fabric that you think go together or that you want to use. And what
you’re going to do is just take your ruler and your rotary cutter…and you can do these
one by one or you can stack them up. And I’m just going to do random angle cuts. It doesn’t
matter what it is just cut a straight line. Now you just want to line them up kind of
like in the random order that you want. And you’re just going to sew these next to each
other regardless of whether or not it lines up straight or not. After you’ve sewn all
your pieces together you want to make sure that it’s bigger than the 4 inch by 6 inch
that we’ll be cutting out. So you can see from this one, it is bigger. I like to take
it over to my pressing surface and just give it a nice press to get all those seams on
the backside to lay flat. Now you take your scrap piece of batting and you’re going to
lay this on top. And I like to take my fabric glue stick at this point and just dab it on
the back of the fabric itself. And you’re going to lay it on one side of your batting
and press it down. Now this is a great time to go over to your sewing machine and play
around with the different decorative stitches that your machine may have. Now you want to
cut your sheet of paper so it measures 4 inches by 6 inches. And now is when we’re going to
cut our fabric quilt piece here to size. So, I do this after I quilt it because as you
can see from the quilting the fabric kinda pulls in and shrinks a little. So you want
to make sure you don’t trim it before you stitch. So, stitch your quilting first and
then you’re going to take your 4 inch by 6 inch piece of paper and place it wherever
you want your postcard to be. I just place it on there lightly and I hold it down with
my ruler and I’m going to trim this to the size of the paper. After you cut your paper
out you want to go ahead and write your address and who it’s going to now that you can actually
put it down on a stiff surface. And then what I did here was just take my fabric glue stick
and put some around the edges just to get that paper to adhere nicely to it. And then
after you’ve written what you what on here and who you’re going to send it to, that’s
when you want to place the ugly side of the paper to the batting side of your postcard.
Ok? And you can see that it sticks nicely with that fabric glue. Now all we have to
do is stitch around the edges with a tight little zig zag stitch to secure all the ends
like you see on this one. If you’re planning on mailing your fabric postcards in the U.S.
mail you shouldn’t have a problem. They will generally charge you just a little bit extra
because they have to sort these by hand and can’t run them through the machine because
of the fabric. But otherwise, they are good to go. I hope you all will consider making
your own fabric postcards this summer to mail off to your friends and family. And don’t
forget to subscribe to my channel because I’m posting weekly tutorials every Monday
here on TheCraftyGemini YouTube channel. For those of you that love to watch my stuff on
your mobile devices I have excellent news. My app is almost out on the marketplace both
for Android and for iPhones. So I’ll definitely keep you all posted once that is up and running
but it should be any day now.

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