How to Make Glass Mosaics : How to Cut the Glass for a Mosaic
How to Make Glass Mosaics : How to Cut the Glass for a Mosaic

In this segment I’m going to show you how
to cut some pieces of glass. First, I get out my cutter and I open it up a little bit
so that the oil will flow through it. Now if I’m doing a certain design I’m going want
to put a line on there with my marking pen to show where I want to cut it. And I use
this board that I got at a stained glass shop, I’m not sure what its called but its got little
things or holes in there. And with the little pieces of glass can drop in so its much easier
to use. So anyway I’m going to make this cut right along there. Then I’m going to take
this running pliers. Put that right on that line and Ouila there you are, its cut out.
Okay I can make some smaller pieces out of this if I want. Another line here. And run
the cutter along that and then again this running pliers on there and they just break
beautifully. It doesn’t always though. Sometimes you screw it up and that’s how I get these
scraps from people that have done that and, you know, it doesn’t work right. Now with
these nippers you just put it on the edge there and you go like this, you just nip them
along so you get little pieces. Anyway that’s how you do that and then when I would get
these little pieces again I put them into some kind of container so that I have those
organized for when I’m ready to use them.

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