How to Make Glass Mosaics : How to Grout Glass Tiles in Mosaics
How to Make Glass Mosaics : How to Grout Glass Tiles in Mosaics

In this section I’m going to show you a little
bit about using grout. You can buy this at any lumber store or hardware store. Get a
spoon like this to mix it up with. I’m just going use a little bit, because I’m just going
to demonstrate it on there, and we’re going to get just a tiny bit of water to it. I’m going to mix it up so that it’s nice and
pasty. I’m going to have to put some more grout in there, and when you’re doing this
when you’re cleaning up after it, it’s not something you want to put into your sink,
to clean up because it could get in there and turn into like cement inside your pipes.
You also, probably should be using a rubber glove like this plastic glove to do this work
with because it is pretty messy. Okay, you’re going to use a spatula to start with to put
it between these pieces here. Before you start doing anything else to it
you want that to dry in there really well. And at that time, of course, this piece will
be around the outside of it, and so will hold in any grout from falling off the edges, and
you’ll have it all with a frame around it.

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