How to Make Glass Mosaics : Tools Needed for Making Glass Mosaics
How to Make Glass Mosaics : Tools Needed for Making Glass Mosaics

Now in this segment I’m gonna tell you what
kind of tools are needed. At least the kind that I use and I think most artists of mosaic
use. You need a cutter, a glass cutter. And one that you can put oil on the top is preferable
because it slides easily along the glass and cuts it. I mean it’s not something you can
skimp on as far as I can see. You get the best you can and they aren’t terribly costly.
Then you need this is a cutting nipper. You cut into the glass and you squeeze this on
to the line where you’ve made the cut and it breaks the glass. And then this is another
pliers you can use to cut glass off of pieces. And these are a nipper if you want to get
a lot of little pieces you use this nip along them. I also use a marking pen to mark my
glass how I and where I want to cut it. And this is the glue I use it’s called Lexall
and it sticks to, well it says it sticks to just about anything. And I find it nice ’cause
it’s clear and its easy to use. You need a glass grinder and that’s what this is. And
this you put water inside of here and then you can grind glass with it. And finally you’re
going to need some grout to put in it at the end. And also a sealer in a finish to put
on the grout when you’re all done with it after its dried up for a couple of days. It’s
very important to wear goggles in this kind or some kind when you’re cutting glass because
you don’t want that stuff to kind of go up and land in you eye for sure. So always wear
goggles when you’re working with glass.

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