How To Make Jewelry: How To Make A Floating Bead Necklace
How To Make Jewelry: How To Make A Floating Bead Necklace

Hi I’m Kitty and I’m Jennifer and we’re
the O’Neil sisters and we’re going to show you how to make this floating bead
necklace. This necklace has two wires that go in and out of the beads and
we’re going to show you how to do that then we’re going to show you how to
finish the ends and put on the clasp it’s easier than you think. here are the tools and materials you
need to make the floating bead necklace you need a pair of chain nose pliers and
you need an extra set of pliers we’re going to use our round nose pliers and
you need a pair of wire cutters or flush cutters and we’re going to build the
necklace on bead stringing wire and this bead stringing wire that we chose is 19
strand which is middle flexibility and we chose a satin silver color to measure
our bead stringing wire we’re going to use a tape measure and we also have
masking tape and we’ll show you what that’s for when we get to it to finish
the ends we have two clam shell bead tips and these are available at your
local craft store or bead store we have crimp beads and we’ve chosen a tiny size
two millimeters and you only need two of those we have bead stringing glue and
that’s to secure the ends and finally we have a lobster clasp and two jump rings
and now for the beads for beads we’ve chosen a large faceted glass rondell
bead and rondelle’s have a measurement that’s two numbers there’s a width
measurement and then a diameter measurement in these particular large
rondelle’s are five millimeters by 12 millimeters we have another rondell
that’s smaller and these are four millimeters by six millimeters and then
we have these very pretty brushed silver balls that are three millimeters in size
so you’re going to need nine of the biggest bead ten of the medium-sized
bead and twenty of the tiny bead the first thing we need to do is lay out
our beads onto our bead board and we’re going to start with our largest feeds
we’re just going to space them evenly around the necklace and we’re not
alternating the colors exactly we’re kind of mixing it up a little bit makes
it more interesting and next we’re going to put the medium
size beads in between each of the large beads and one at each end and these
green beads that we chose have a navy finish or aurora borealis finish and
that was created by Swarovski back in the day and it gives the beads sort of a
shiny finish or a little bit of an iridescence it’s kind of that rainbow
oils like like when you look at the surface of oil and you get the rainbow
finish it’s pretty next we’re going to put in our tiny silver balls and we’re
going to put one of those at the end and then put one in between each of the
other beads we’re going to do that all the way around and that’s why you need
so many of the little beads because they go in between all the beads and we chose
a brushed silver for the smallest bead but you really could use a shiny silver
or gold or copper and then the colors we chose for the rondelle’s we just chose
this kind of ocean theme but again you can substitute any color story you want
for this necklace and make it all crystal you could make bridesmaids
necklaces with pearls so that’d be really pretty you do reds or corals do I
have one more in this guy’s limit Oh see those two or there and this creates
a pattern you can see that it goes it goes small medium small big small medium
small big and this is the pattern that will follow when we put these beads on
the bead stringing wire which we’ll do next the first thing we need to do is cut our
bead stringing wire and this necklace will be about 18 inches when it’s done
so we cut two strands that are longer than that they’re 26 inches long and
that’s because we need a little extra room at the ends to put on our clasp and
the next thing we’re going to do is line up the ends and we’ve got a little trick
for you use a piece of masking tape as a little cheap trick to keep the beads
from sliding off the end they make tools for this like they make bead bugs and
that sort of thing and they’re great but you can always just use a piece of
masking tape then we’re going to go to the other end to start beading and the
way this necklace works is two strands go in one bead and then one of the
strands goes in the next and it alternates back and forth going in and
out so we always put two strands in the silver bead and you can remember that as
you go that anytime you pick up the silver bead here this oyster yeah yeah
and then we’re gonna split those two apart and one strand goes in the medium
bead I can find the hole in it is always the hardest part okay one strand goes in the medium bead
and then I’ve silver bead here so that means both strands and that what the
silver beads are going to do is sort of pinch the beading wire together around
the other beads and it kind of holds the beads in place and creates this sort of
floating effect that’s the magic that’s the magic
floating part and then because they’re farther apart like that you don’t need
as many beads for this necklace like if this were all strong with all beads next
to each other you’d probably use three or four times as many beads but there’s
a lot of air in this because the beads are held apart by the wires that means
it you can actually use a more expensive beads you could do this with all
gemstones or semi-precious stones if you want and it would mean that you’re not
using that many it also means that the necklace goes together pretty fast
because you’re not putting on as many beads that’s nice if you’re doing
you know gifts multiple gifts for people bridesmaids gifts or Christmas holiday
gifts that sort of thing you can kind of whip them out once you get going it also
means it’s a really good craft for a party like for a girls night because
this it doesn’t require any advanced skills and you can do it in a short
sitting so you don’t need a long attention span to get this one done and
actually because the beads in this design are mixed you could just put a
bunch of beads and bowls out in the middle of the table and pour some wine
or cocktails and everybody just sits around in beads and chaps and
everybody’s necklace will look different I bet and you can make this with the
beads you already have I’m sure and if you just have bead stringing wire and
you want to try it out and see what it looks like just go ahead and cut to
pieces and get out just whatever beads you have oh did you see what I did oh
you missed it a nice clam it has to go back that wouldn’t work at all I have to
put two strands into the silver one or it’s not going to work it’s tricky if
you get going to the right you might miss it and it’s also a good craft for
kids because it doesn’t require any skills and not much work with tools or
anything like that you could just do the ends for them that’s kind of the big
last yeah the only tricky part is finishing the adds and put it on the
clasp and you could just do that for them you could make a smaller version of
this too a little short version to make a bracelet would be fun then you can
also you can make it with them fishing line we’ve seen it done with fishing
line and that’s kind of extra floaty that’s fun because the wire fishing line
kind of completely disappears and it looks like the beads are just magically
dancing around your neck which is fun and we get our beads at we go to a lot
of craft stores of course and we love our local beads shops but we love it
when a bead show comes to town and they come around about every couple months
they’ll be a bead show at a local tell and they will take a conference
room and spread out big tables they’re just loaded with beads it’s fun because
you can get real specialty beads you know there’ll be a table of all ceramic
beads or lampwork beads yes someone will specialize in something
or silver beautiful hammered silver things and you can buy them one at a
time you know at the craft store you can’t necessarily pick out one bead
that’s extra special that you want you have to buy a strand usually so it’s a
nice way of getting sort of focal feeds or specialty beads and a lot of the
beads come temporarily strung so you’ll be buying a strand of like 48 beads on
one string and what they mean for you to do is to cut apart that string through
the string away and then you restring them so they’re just selling them that
way it’s just a way for them to transport and hold all those beads
together now I’m just sliding the beads down you can see I’ve really got a lot
of them on there now and I’m just going to slide them towards the end that has
the masking tape so I can make more room at the front to put on the rest of my
beads you don’t want to slide the beads all the way down to the complete end
where the masking tape is you want to leave a little bit of space a little
wiggle room so that you can put the clasp on it’s definitely easier to put
the clasp on when you have extra wire yeah I’ve done that too many times I
haven’t given myself enough wire at the end to work with so I’ve got a big bead
and it gets one strand and then next is the little silver bead and it always
gets two strands I love these these silver beads are so pretty they’re
really cute the finish is nice it sort of sets off the facets okay I put two
strands in that one oh okay I got to pay attention so one strand goes in the
bigger bead these really are glass beads you if you if you stepped on one they
would break but we got these particular beads on the rondelle’s at the flea mark
actually oh yeah we gave a lot of beads at the flea market it’s funny they’ll
just be one or two vendors at our at our favorite local flea market and they
always have rondell’s set out you know on on big
long strands they’ll be like $3 or $4 for a big strand of beautiful glass
Randall’s it’s crazy and you can make deals with them you know if you if you
get more than four or something you know they drop the price it’s just a nice way
of sort of getting you know a nice stock together all right it’s not going switch
a minute when in doubt switch hands right so this up medium bead so it gets
one strand and small bead bead gets two strands and we haven’t tried this with
three strands but that could be fun I bet it would be a little wider and then
a little bit more complicated than would be pretty then you would want to keep
track and make sure you were getting beads on each strand so that’s a good
point to make sure that it sort of creates that undulating
get it criss cross we act that way we just have one more medium bead and then
one more small bead which gets both strands as we know if I can get them in
there that’s so pretty the hardest part is getting the two
strands in a small one and then I’m going to spread these out so they go
farther down my wire so I get a little more room on that end and you just slide
them down don’t slide them down too tight you want them to have a little bit
of air between them that’s the look of this necklace and the necklaces meant to
be 18 inches when it’s done so once you have all the beads kind of lined up
where you think they should go you’ll want to get out your tape measure and
spread them apart or push them together until they take up 18 inches and then
that’ll tell you where you want to put on your clasp so those are just about
all spread out they’re so so pretty the colors are just gorgeous together all
right and once we have those spread out we’re ready to put on our end now we’re ready to finish the ends and
to do that we’re going to take the two strands on one end we’re going to slide
on this clamshell bead tip and you can see it’s got a little hole in the bottom
and you want to slide up through the bottom into the clam part just slide
that down and next we’re going to put on the crimp bead and we’re going to slide
both strands into the current bead and you need to make sure that your crimp
bead is um tiny but big enough that both strands will fit through it and then put
the crimp bead where you want the necklace to end so I look at the spacing
of the beads here and I think it should end here and I’m going to use my chain
nose pliers and I’m going to crimp or flatten the crimp bead you can see it
just flattens it right there and then that’s going to hold the UM the
clamshell B tip in place I’m going to trim the wire off the other end of that
and then slide the clamshell up over that crimp bead you don’t have to do
this next step which is a drop of glue but it’s just like a little insurance
and good practice that we want to show it to you so I just put a little dab of
glue inside the clamshell and then I’m going to use the chain nose pliers to
close the clam over the crimp and that’ll just really act like like you
said like insurance just to make sure that their end is never going to come
off that’s nice and tidy and then it came with a little loop at the top I’m
going to close that loop because I want to put a jump ring on the end and to
open and close our jump ring we’re going to use two different pairs of pliers
that’s why we have the second pair of round nose pliers so I’m holding I can
see the cut in the jump ring is right here and I’m going to hold one side flat
with the jump the chain nose pliers I’m going hold the other side flat with the
round nose pliers and I’m going to open it like a door and that keeps the shape
the round shape of the jump ring I’m gonna slide the loop on to my jump ring
I’m going to close the jump ring the same way I’m going to grab the end and
I’m going to bend it back and then I’ll use the chain nose pliers just to
flatten it so I haven’t opened the jump ring like this that would make it a bad
shape like this and that’s a good practice
just always so that ends done we’ll go to the other end and remember we had
masking tape on the other end I’m just going to cut the masking tape off that
end and repeat the process that we did on the other side which is the clamshell
B tip first both strands up through the hole in the bottom slide that down and
then the crimp bead both strands through that whoops
crimp beads are wonderful they do a lot of hard work for us especially when
we’re finishing the ends it’s so tiny okay I got the other one
there’s the it was the hardest part right here it’s hard to see in those
tiny little holes okay and then put the crimp bead where you want the necklace
to end so this is our last bead the silver one this is about where we want
the necklace to end we used to take measure and measured it I’m going to
crimp that or flatten that bead and trim the wire there you go and then put a
little dab of glue inside our clam shell which I’m just going to slide back up
here we love this bead stringing glue because it has a tiny applicator that’s
wise you to do precision yeah it’s it’s really handy for doing this kind of tiny
work and then chain nose pliers to close the clam over the crimp nice and tidy
and we’ll close this loop and then one more jump ring so we use the other pair
of pliers for that thank you and whoops right back then again we’re going to
open this like we it would open a door or a gate and this is the jump ring
that’s going to hold our lobster clasp on the other end we just have the jump
ring and that’s what the lobster clasp is going to feed it into and and hold
the necklace together grab it down here there we go there you go so the lobster
clasp goes on the jump ring the jump ring goes on the loop and then I’m going
to close these again whoops down there this hearts tricky like we said it’s
tiny work get that on there there you go and then I’m just going to use the end
of this to close it like a door perfect and then I’m just going to double-check
that it’s flat with the chain nose pliers and now we have our clasp on our
finished necklace beautiful here’s our finished necklace I love this
bead combination and they really do look like they’re floating and you can make
this one a lot of different ways I’m wearing one that’s all the same color
and mine is rainbow colors but it’s all tiny beads and so now you can make your
own floating bead necklace and just have fun with it

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