How to Make Marbled Ceramic Tile Coasters | Sophie’s World
How to Make Marbled Ceramic Tile Coasters | Sophie’s World

hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
well you know the other day I was looking at Pinterest and I got inspired
by this post from and they took basic white
tiles that you can get at Lowe’s for eighteen cents and turned them into these very cool marbled coasters and I was so inspired that I thought I’d show you how
to make them so I’m gonna show you how to make them right now for this project
you will need ceramic tiles sharpie pens 70% or higher rubbing alcohol pipette
paper towels felt hot glue scissors either clear acrylic spray or outdoor
waterproof Mod Podge and paint brush and optional rubber feet first thing you’re
gonna do is you’re going to start with your pen and you’re going to color the
edges and as you can see it’s colored on all four sides
now you get to have fun you just get to start making whatever kind of pattern
you want the more color the better okay so as you can see I’m starting there
this is one that I have finished ahead of time here so that I can jump to the
next step so as you can see I’ve covered the whole thing with color my edges are
colored I am ready for my next step which is adding the rubbing alcohol now
you want to make sure that you’ve got at least 70% I actually like to go with a
higher rubbing alcohol this is 91% it just helps to break down
the color I’m going to put it in a little cup here and I’m going to be using a pipette so
with the pipette you squeeze the top put it into your liquid and release and that
pulls the liquid up into the pipette and then you just begin dropping onto the
tile and this is the fun part you can do this really
methodically or you can just kind of dump it all on you still get a really
cool effect no matter what you do and then set it aside and let it dry you
want to give it at least six to seven hours if you’re indoors on a yucky day
if you’re outdoors it’ll probably dry in about an hour hour and a half but it’ll
go pretty pretty quickly but the main thing is that you want to dry until it
is solid solid solid like this this is only for adults kids should not do this
what are we gonna do is we’re actually going to burn the alcohol off and it’s
super fun but only an adult should do this so I’m gonna take this off of its
paper and place it on a cookie sheet so as you can see you just light it on fire
this is why you have it on a cookie sheet and you make sure that you are
doing it in a place where nothing around it could possibly catch on fire so you
just let it go after lighting it with a click lighter and it burns all that
alcohol off and what it does is it cures your tile really quickly so once this is
done you can move on to the next stage so fun this is my dried tile it’s all
nice and dry and ready for my next step you could do many many different things
with this you can add a second design and then add more alcohol on top if you
want to and let it dry or you can do what I’m gonna do which is put my
initial on here so that I can make this like this is a personalized monogrammed now we want to make sure that it doesn’t
hurt the table or anything like that so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take a
little piece of felt and place it right on the edge there and I’m gonna use a
little Sharpie pen to trace around now if you want to you can also use these
little feet instead these are a little rubber feet they’re called bumpins and
you can get them on Amazon and I’ll have a link down below but you can use these
for the feet if you want to but I like having a nice flush bottom on my
coasters and so for this one I’m actually going to be using the felt now
cut inside your line and then I flipped my tile over and I’m just gonna hot glue
this to the back there you go and now you would be ready to seal it and to
seal it you can do one of two things I’m very fond of using this clear gloss
coating and this makes it nice and shiny but it also protects the surface and
will make sure that whatever you draw in here never goes away and also if you put
wet glasses on here or something warm whatever it’s going to stay nice and
clean and it won’t ever smudge but you can also use decoupage and
this is a sealant that you can do outdoors it’s a waterproof
sealant and you just coat it on the top like this and you all you really need is
one good coat now I have to tell you big shout out
to you because this has become my new favorite craft I’m so excited about this
craft now I did want to show you a couple little different things and
different tangents that we’ve been taking it on so the first one was
that we used the basic technique and then once it was dry drew on it again
and then added more alcohol and you can see you can get all these different
layers and then on top added a layer of Mod Podge now
does not suggest that you have to seal these but I found that I really liked
sealing them just to make sure that they were waterproof so this one has a
waterproof Mod Podge on top of it which will make sure that it lasts for a long
time and then this one I used and it’s a bigger one so it could be used for a
trivet this is a larger tile and this one I used a clear acrylic sealant spray
and I just love the way it makes it look it’s just so pretty and shiny and it’s
gonna also protect it from things like the heat and stuff like that and this
one is another large one and again what we did here on this one is I first did
the original project and then I drew on top of it and I made this little saying
on top here and then covered it in the Mod Podge so you know get creative with
this because you can make trivets you can make tiles for like tables you can
do all kinds of stuff with these and they’re just so much fun to do a big
shout out to you thank you so much we’ll make sure that there is a link down
below so that you too can click on to and give them
a thank you and a shout out and go to check out all their stuff and for more
great ideas inspired by you check us out

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