How To Make Miniature Plain Roof Tiles (Home Made)
How To Make Miniature Plain Roof Tiles (Home Made)

As U can see, molds, demi vater and the material are prepared… Molds are made out of two component silicon rubber and strenghten with thin linen cloth (backside) Demi water is added to a material (few drops of carnations oil also as desinfectant) …material in this case is caolin based with ceramic glue and oxide pigment, but… … a lot of different materials can be used as facade mortar for example, or coloured plaster… …anything that can be mixed and fill in the molds… Bubbles out… Spread material freely over the mold… Density is obvious I hope : ) These molds are made for 4×7=28 tiles sized about 25×25 cm and 7 mm thick… …gaps are 35mm x 16 mm and 2 mm deep… …get as many molds U can, more tiles will come out… …a vibration will distribute material in to the mold and bubbles of air will come out to… …fine works needed too…

7 thoughts on “How To Make Miniature Plain Roof Tiles (Home Made)”

  1. Lola Galindo says:

    Hola Cuales son los materiales?

  2. Romana Merlene says:

    I am sure you can still buy handbook with all info you need on woodprix. Just google it.

  3. عاشقه الطبيعه says:


  4. William Rappold says:

    This video is informative but a TIME WASTER. WATCHING PAINT DRY, the same.

  5. Gerry Wilson says:

    That's taught me nothing.

  6. NIkola Vujic says:

    Koji materijal koristis za stavnjanje u kalup?Hvala

  7. Jarome Jacksan says:

    I am sure you can build it too guys. Just look for woodprix page

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