How to Make Mosaic Art : How to Break Materials for Making Mosaic Art
How to Make Mosaic Art : How to Break Materials for Making Mosaic Art

While the idea of break plates and breaking
tiles is a great concept and sounds like a lot of fun, if it is not done right you can
really get hurt. So you have to be very careful when breaking the pieces. What I do is I like
to use a plastic bag to put the pieces in. And, all pieces are not created equally. They
break differently. Like this is a very crumbly kind of a tile so I’m going to put it into
this plastic bag, I’m going to put on my safety glasses and I’m going to give it a wack, or
a few wacks. And you can see how this crumbled when it was broken but it also gave me some
really nice pieces. But, it does crumble. Now I’m going to break a regular ceramic tile
and you will see the difference. Here is a regular ceramic tile. Again, I’m going to
put it in the plastic bag.
And you can see that this broke in a much cleaner fashion. Bear in mind that these pieces
can be very, very sharp. So, when handling your pieces be extremely careful.

4 thoughts on “How to Make Mosaic Art : How to Break Materials for Making Mosaic Art”

  1. dmdrummer23 says:


  2. Patricia Page Mosaic Arts & Crafts says:

    You are so right, there are some things that annoy me like the lack protection when handling grout and so forth.
    But in saying that, I have added these to my playlist. We an always inform people as you have. Been working with mosaics for 3 years now and learning something new all the time.
    Thanks for the tip!

  3. slocangirl says:

    I, too, have many years experience in mosaic. You totally CAN use a hammer to break ceramics. If you are looking for precision, you won't get it with a hammer. That's what tile nippers are for. But a hammer works well for the initial breaking of materials. As the video notes, the way different materials break will vary. Mexican tiles will crumble, regarless of whether you use a hammer or nippers. I have never had a problem with tiles developing fissures from using a hammer.

  4. piez4132 says:

    Yes, and I believe its called lego 😀

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