How to Make Mosaic Glass Art : Designing a Glass Mosaic
How to Make Mosaic Glass Art : Designing a Glass Mosaic

On my mosaic design, the first thing I did
was I did a lot of sketches just to come up with ideas. So I started with some, just some
really quick sketches of dreams and some suns, some different geometric shapes to represent
stars or planets. Then I started playing with this bird thing and in sort of an abstract
way. And these are some other designs. So I basically was doodling the designs. And
once I decided on a design, I decided that I wanted to add a splash in my kitchen, and
I decided I wanted it to be the cycle of the moon. And so what I did was for the full moon,
which is this, I did several sketches of the full moon. And once I decided that is what
I wanted to do, I did a final sketch. And the final sketch is done in a very precise,
geometrical way- the way that you want your actual mosaic to be. And once you get that
you make two copies of it and that’s your pattern. And once you have your pattern, you take that pattern and you begin to cut
shapes. So what I did was- here’s the mosaic, here’s how it turned out. And I cut these
circles for the cycle of the moon. You can see this is the new moon where it has no reflection,
this is the half moon where half of it’s reflected. The three-quarter moon, the whole
moon, and then it goes backwards. So these circles I cut and then I wanted this to be
very reflective so I added this material behind it.

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