How to Make Mosaic Glass Art : Using Clear Glass to Create Mosaics
How to Make Mosaic Glass Art : Using Clear Glass to Create Mosaics

When you do use clear glass, you want to back
it because you don’t want to see the glue and the base surface through the glass. And
this is a piece that I cut off of that and now I’m going to back this piece. And you
can use an expensive foil from a stained glass company, or you can go to a hardware store
and use electrician tape that has aluminum and aluminum backing, and that’s what I
did. And so you take- you want it to be…you peel the backing off and you decide what side
you want to- generally you want the wavy side up and the smooth side down. So I will put
the backing on the smooth side which will be down on the underside of the glass. And
then I want to trim these edges. You can either tear it with your fingers or cut it off with
And then you don’t want the edges to come above the thickness of the glass. So now,
I have the aluminum secured onto the back of the glass. And you can do just that which
cause a reflection. Now, the reason you don’t want your whole piece to have clear glass
is because you don’t want the whole piece to be like a mirror. This would be a special
accent. After you have backed it, another thing you can do is burnish the glass. And
what you do is you use a sharp object and you simply draw into the aluminum. And you
do a random pattern. Or, in some of my pieces, I did a repetitive pattern, depending on what
your application is. And it takes quite a bit of- you have to go over it quite a bit
to get a good burnishing. And then you kind of smooth it out and do it some more so it’s
multilayered. Ok, so we’ll see what that looks like.

6 thoughts on “How to Make Mosaic Glass Art : Using Clear Glass to Create Mosaics”

  1. Louella Turvey says:

    Awesome tip, I'm so glad I saw this, I'll surely use it soon too! Thanks a bunch.

  2. free2danz says:

    have you ever heard of anyone incorporating digital artwork into their mosaics? you use clear window glass and glue the artwork or scrapbook paper under the glass and grout it in along with the rest of the colored glass in the piece. I know what I want to acheive but am having a hard time finding a glue that I can use that will dry nice under the glass without pulling away or smearing the ink on the digital prints.

  3. BizarreDragon says:

    The most important thing you forgot was your goggles

  4. Michelle Bryson says:

    Can you do mosaic on glass

  5. Michelle Bryson says:

    Can you do mosaic on glass

  6. David Hill says:

    Thank you!

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