How to Make Pillows : Making Pillows: Sewing On the Gimp
How to Make Pillows : Making Pillows: Sewing On the Gimp

Hello! This is Lindsay with Expert
In this clip, I am going to be showing you how to sew on the gimp. I will be using a
small zig zag stitch. Just take one strand of your gimp and we are going to be putting
in on the edge of the beige material and since the stitch is 15 inches long it is supposed
to go all the way across the pillow leaving a half inch on each side. When we sew it,
we are only going to sew until this first line where the edge of the square of the edge
is because later on we are going to make a zig zag pattern where we are going to be using
the glue. So get your stitch on there, the gimp on there where you want it and put it
in our machine. I am going to do this with both sides of the gimp but only go to that
square edge. Make sure you don’t sew anywhere past this line right here. Now that we have
sewn these three strips on and we stopped at the line right before the square, we are
going to sew the next three on going vertical. When we sew these on, we are going to do the
same thing as we did for the first three except this time we are going to stop at the edge
of the bottom of the square.

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