How To Make Tile Coasters | DIY Drink Coasters
How To Make Tile Coasters | DIY Drink Coasters

G’day guys! And Welcome to my YouTube Channel.
Today, we are going to be making coasters covered with scrapbooking paper. So I had
a look on Etsy and for 4 tiles they range between 25 to 30 dollars. So.. I went down
to Bunnings and bought 4 tiles which cost about 50 cents each. So as you can see, it’s
WAY CHEAPER to do it yourself. So if you would like to know how to do it. Then just stick
around and I will show you how. Supplies you will need: Ceramic tiles, scrapbooking
paper, with your choice of designs or photos or a map. Mod Podge with a foam brush to apply,
clear acrylic spray paint, foam dots to protect your furniture from the ceramic tile. And
scrap paper to work on. The first option to measure your scrap booking
paper is to use scissors and a pen. you trace around the tile with the pen and then cut
out with scissors. If you want a border, then cut inside the pen marking. The second option
is to use a guillotine. This is the option I have chosen, because it’s more accurate. So
I measured my tile which is 98 mm, I decided I wanted a 4 mm border. So cut to 90mm. I like the border
as I feel it gives a more professional look. Then apply generous amount of Mod Podge to
the tile, making sure there are no blobs of it. Stick your scrapbooking paper and make
sure it in centred. Apply a layer of Mod Podge on the top and allow it to dry for 20 minutes.
I applied two more coats with a 20 minute dry time in between. So a total of 3 coats.
Each coat turn the tile so that the Mod Podge is going on 90 degrees to the last coat. This
gives a smoother finish. I then left it to dry overnight, to ensure the Mod Podge is
completely dry. The next morning I sprayed the clear acrylic
spray to seal the coasters. This is an important step because the Mod Podge leaves the coasters
sticky. Whereas the acrylic spray protects the coaster from yellowing with hot and cold
drinks. I did 3 coats with 30 minute dry time in between.
After the spray has dried, apply foam dots to the bottom of the coaster.
Then if you would like to give it as a gift. Tie around some ribbon.
So GUYS! How easy was it to make that coaster. Thanks again for watching. Please subscribe
for further DIYs. And if you make this scrapbook paper covered coaster please HASHTAG ACDIY. So I
can have a look too. Thanks guys. BYE

11 thoughts on “How To Make Tile Coasters | DIY Drink Coasters”

  1. Sue Fox says:

    did you use glzed ceramic tiles for your coasters? and what tickness oof craft psper are u using

  2. Sarah Michelle says:

    that's a cool diy! I run out of ideas all the time, but I'm glad I found this because it looks super easy! I would love to be youtube friends with you! Sub for sub? 🙂

  3. elsy knight says:

    have you ever had any modge podge streaks after drying? If so how can you get rid off the streaks?thanks

  4. priyanka jain says:

    can you share the acrylic spray detail ? what kinda it is ?

  5. honest lady says:

    Nice video. I have a question. Can you place a mug are something with condensation on it? I was wondering would it rip the paper

  6. mochi. vi says:

    what if i have a cold drink?wont the paper leave the water markings of the cup if i put it on the coaster?

  7. sneha khetpalia says:

    can i put hot tea cup above it.. wont it tear d paper

  8. Blue Johnson says:

    where can I purchase tiles

  9. Samantha E says:

    I have made these with my students. I got 4X4 tiles for 16 cents each at Home Depot

  10. acrabby says:

    Mine are sticking

  11. Ali Fen says:

    Great video Ali. It's lovely to find a video made by someone in Australia!!! (What state are you in? I'm in WA) I've got all the stuff to made some coasters but have been sitting on the fence about which acrylic sealer to use. A friend suggested resin – but I'm too lazy to do that…hahaha – I live close to a Bunnings store and they have the White Knight in stock. I would like to know if a hot mug of coffee or tea sticks to the top of the coaster please? Hugs Ali xx

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