How to Make Tile Mosaics & Patterns : How to Create a Tile Quilt Mosaic
How to Make Tile Mosaics & Patterns : How to Create a Tile Quilt Mosaic

Hi, I’m Faith and I’m here at Flat Fork
Studio, and I’m here to show you one of my tile mosaic creations. This is a tile quilt;
I made a quilt making pattern called “rob Peter to pay Paul.” Basically, what I did
was this was an old headboard that actually belonged to my family, and I took and started
out, first of all, the pieces made of ceramic tiles and cement, and also the understructure
is chicken wire and metal lack. Basically what I did was I started with the chicken
wire, I folded it over the piece and just started kind of hammering it and folding it
and bending it to where I thought it kind of looked like a quilt. And then I actually
took some wire and I tied all of that together through the frame. And then at that point,
I went and I took some metal lack which you can find at the hardware store and I folded
that over the top of it. This was to give it extra strength and rigidity, because this
is a very heavy piece- this piece almost weighs about three hundred pounds. I took some rebar
and put it in my vice and I bent it and hooked it over the top, so that’s what’s actually
making these fold pieces right here, here, this edge, and then also this edge as well.
And from that point, I took cement, and I laid it flat and I just basically started
pressing the cement through the metal lack just to kind of fill the surfaces, to kind
of create the surface. After I put a couple of layers on, then I put the mosaic tile on
and for that I used the thin set mortar for exterior use and I basically, I had my patterns
laid out on fiberglass mesh, already pre-cut out. Each one of these is a separate piece,
but it’s acting as one piece. So basically, I just laid it all out, laid it over, and
then I thin set it in and cement it in. And then I grouted it with a cement- white, I
used white Portland cement. Then after I grouted it, and wiped off all the excess grout, I
actually then took some latex paint and washed it down, and kind of created some of the shaded
areas. And there you have the tile quilt.

8 thoughts on “How to Make Tile Mosaics & Patterns : How to Create a Tile Quilt Mosaic”

  1. mj mcpherson says:

    excellent !

  2. FaithAndKarma says:

    wow i love it

  3. Gary Girton, Jr. says:

    Well done….keep on inspiring!

  4. Susan YS says:

    nice piece of art! very pretty…love that bed, too.

  5. Rita Miller says:

    Wow !, what a talented lady you are. I actually thought that was an actual quilt. It is so realistic looking. You should enter that into an art contest. It's really beautiful. !

  6. tallylass711 says:

    How has the beautiful piece weathered over the years? Do you live where there is snow or hard freezes?

  7. Brenda vonSeldeneck says:

    What a beautiful piece.

  8. Susan Niezing says:

    love it well done!!

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