How to Make Tile Mosaics & Patterns : Mosaic Design & Color Formula for Mosaic Patterns
How to Make Tile Mosaics & Patterns : Mosaic Design & Color Formula for Mosaic Patterns

Hi, I’m Faith and I’m here at Flat Fork
Studio, and I’m going to talk a little bit about design and color. Personally, I have
a formula that I use all the time in making my designs. It’s called the 3-5-7 rule.
Basically you take a look at all of your tile pieces that you have available to you, you
think about the colors that you really want. My personal three favorite colors are this
yellow, red, and I love this teal color. But how am I going to put it onto my board? How
are you going to make it look good and uniform. Well, with the 3-5-7 rule that I use, I can
fill this board very easily and make it look wonderfully uniform. Basically, I take the
colors that I want. I have three pieces of yellow. I’ll start with these colors. I’ll
put one here, one here, and maybe one here. Then I’ll come in- red. Red is a really
hard color to find, so I’m usually pretty sparing with it, but I use it in almost every
design that I do. On this, I may either use seven pieces, or I may use five pieces. Basically,
what I’ll do is I’ll just sort of place them around…I’m not real big into symmetrics.
But I’ll put them and arrange them just so that they’re sort of evenly dispersed
around. Okay, here’s five. So we’ve done three yellow, five red. And we’re just kind
of going to play with them just so they look kind of even around the board. The third thing
that I’m going to use will be my turquoise. So I’ll come in here and use turquoise.
And I’ll start- I may put one right next to each other. Start kind of fitting them
together like a puzzle piece. There’s three here. Four, five, six-oh and let’s say we’ll
put a really big one right there- seven. From here on, I can choose to either add more color
or if I just want to a really nice sparse kind of a look, kind of what I do from here
on is that I will either add more color…say that I want to put maybe three more red in
there because I’d like to have more red. That looks nice. And I’d like to maybe put
a little bit more blue. See how I’m sort of evenly dispersing them throughout? Now
to finish this piece, I might put a border of a solid color around and then I will fill
with white. Everything else then. White just goes everywhere else so that you have a unified,
beautiful, professional looking piece.
And that is how I use color and I use the 3-5-7 rule when I’m designing my tile pieces.

5 thoughts on “How to Make Tile Mosaics & Patterns : Mosaic Design & Color Formula for Mosaic Patterns”

  1. misko1961 says:

    sorry but 357 rule is a lazy way out. Mosaic is meant to be tight! so tight that the grout lines are minimal

  2. Mark Sturtevant says:

    yes I agree, this seems extremely lazy and just boring. There is no real pattern or art in this, just flopping down some colors that you like. I came to this video hoping to hear something about the color theory behind great mosaic patterns but instead I have farmer betty throwing down some colorful rocks…. thanks expertvillage.

  3. Amy Lucy Joseph says:


  4. irishwench333 says:

    looked like the 3,8,11 rule to me.

  5. Beautiful Mess says:

    I like your idea. Some Crafters feel like you need to be all specific and it's supposed to be like this, not like that. It's MY project. I like being free minded, easy going. It's less stressful. Thanks for helping me realize that I don't need a plan, just a few colors I like and a "pattern" to start with. You make a great teacher.

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