how to measure kitchen labour price | kitchen price measuring | modular kitchen
how to measure kitchen labour price | kitchen price measuring | modular kitchen

Welcome to All of you on my channel today we Explain you How to calculate, A labor charge of the kitchen And Almira. included a Modular kitchen and box kitchen. So, First Fall we Talk About frame kitchen. As in A-frame kitchen not make any box, only making the front sides of the frame and doors. Its Cost is depending on hight And mostly hight is 7 feet And this also, a minimum of 2.5 feet So its rate will be around 120 to150 Some Also people takes 180 So we try to find a normal rate 7*2.5 *130 And after calculations, we get a final cost of Fram kitchen. so this one is a frame kitchen. Another side box Kitchen we Create a box-like this something like this. So when you create a box also, it comes in a modular kitchen category and I was also told you its price, which is around 200 to 300 so I also take this for example 7*2.5 * 250 Price is the same as Box & Frame Almira in Almira Simple as 7*3 Feet Means 7 feet Length & 3 feet breadth in frame Almira Also, that price is around 120 to 130 And for box Almira Price Are same But some time 200 in Discount or 220 we made it And the final amount for both Frame Almira Let me calculate So the first fall, We find a square foot so we multiply 7*2.5 So it comes Around 17.5 feet Then we Multiply 17.5*130 So it Comes Around 2475 Rupees 2475 its cost And also the same as a 7*3=21 And Again we do 21*130 then we get Cost And also we get cost of modular same as it multiplies the length and breadth we get all prices for everything. So, friends, Many people say to me how to calculate the labor charge, Then I Make this video, And if you want
to know the price for Anything, Labour cost or Many more, then tell me And I will surely make the video for your query.

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  1. faisal anwar says:

    8 by 10 ki frame wali almirahs ka video banaye describing all the things boards ply mica hardware

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    nice information

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    Bhai super thank you for dis video pls upload some more videos👏👏👏👏

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    Are bhai kiyon labour ke pet pe laat mar raha hai yaar bhai ye rate mei thekedar kiya labour ko dega aor kiya khud kamayega yaar kiyon esi videos banate ho yaar

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    Bhai with meterial.aya with out meterial

    Ya labour cost bolara ka ap.

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    Thanks a lot for donate your uncountable knowledge

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