How to Mount Your Style Tile Set and Frame | PBteen
How to Mount Your Style Tile Set and Frame | PBteen

Style Tiles and Frame. You’ve ordered and received your perfect style tile set and frame and you are ready to get creative. Each style tile and style tile frame box contains the hardware for that item. Find a wall that is the perfect size for your set. And measure just where you want to hang your style tiles. from there measure eight inches to the right and mark with your pencil. This is where your first bracket will be placed. Measure another sixteen inches to the right for each additional tile bracket placement. Position the top of each bracket at the mark position and use a pencil to mark the wall through each of the two counter sunk holes of the bracket as shown. Now its time to install your brackets. Screw an anchor into the wall at each bracket hole pencil mark made during the previous step. Each anchor must be installed flush to the wall surface. Use the supplied screws to secure each bracket to the wall at the anchors. Use two anchors and two screws for each top bracket as shown. Now its time to hang your first tile. You need to place three additional brackets on the bottom and side magnets of your tile. To hang your tile, center the tile on the mounted brackets so that the tile covers the bottom half of the bracket as shown. Repeat this step for the remainder of the top row, making sure the second and third tile snap into the previous tile side bracket. Gently slide and adjust tiles as needed so that they hang flush with one another. Note that the last tile on the top row will only need two brackets place on the lower and exterior side magnet of the tile. To begin on the second row of tiles, mark the wall through right side screw hole of the bracket at the base of the above tile. Next slide the bracket to the left so you can screw in one anchor at this marked location. Once the anchor is in slide the bracket back to its correct spot and use one screw to secure the bracket to the anchor. Continue adding tiles by repeating these steps until the tile portion of your set is complete. Next secure each exterior bracket to the wall with one anchor and one screw. Once your style tiles are in place begin assembling your frame with the instructions provided. join the two adjacent frame pieces by inserting the dowel into the holes at the end of each frame piece. Gently push together until the frames meet. Next position an L bracket into the recess of the corner of the frame and secure the bracket to the frame using the provided screws. Once the frame as been assembled, have a friend help you hold the frame around the wall mounted tiles. Adjust the frame until the magnets click against the wall mounted brackets and the frame snaps easily on to the set. Now your set is complete and ready for you to use and enjoy.

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