How to paint 3d boxes on the wall
How to paint 3d boxes on the wall

my name is Ahsan Ullah today I am going to
show you 3d wall painting repeatable dye for three depending on
the wall make a circle with 10 cm radius then draw small arcs on the
circumference of the circle then make a hexagon using these arcs
repeat hexagon three times a small hole on the center of die or marking on the
wall the boxes look like 3d no that time to
choose you can choose any color but color shades are important for more 3d
there are three parts of moths purport right part and left part suppose you
choose blue color you need three color shades like blue golem blue color and
dark roof light blue color for the upper part and then check your light source in
the moon if light comes from right side then blue color on the right side of the
box and dark blue on the left side of the mosque let’s start

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  1. Masti Corner says:

    Well done but need some improvements

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