How to Paint a Bathroom : Bathroom Painting: Walls
How to Paint a Bathroom : Bathroom Painting: Walls

Okay so we’re back, our trim has dried, and
now the next step in painting our bathroom is to cut in the walls, so let’s get that
all set up. This is the eggshell paint that we’re going to use for the walls, once again
you’ve got to make sure the top of the can is free of dust. I’m just going to fill the
cup about a third, once again. Generally I never like to fill the cup more than a third
because the paint will tend to dry in the cup and it will get thicker as you go along,
so you want to just use a third and when you start running low you just refresh it by putting
more paint in, so you’re always working with fresh paint. Painting, you always want to start
from the top down. You want to just basically push that paint up to the line and then you
want to just kind of have like a wet bead of paint and you’re just steadily dragging
it along, tracing that edge, nice and steady. So we like to work in one area at a time,
cutting right along the edge. I’ve got a trouble area. Now like I said before, when you’re
painting for the second or third time in a place, the rule is to not paint on something
that hasn’t been painted, but something that has been painted, see the paint has already
overlapped onto this and it’s looking kind of shotty, so we’re just going to go right
ahead, and for this case I’m going to make the judgment and just clean that up. It’s
already been painted, so we might as well make it look good. We also have that top piece
over the window, we’ll get that in just a second, focus on the bigger areas first. We’ve
caulked along the top here where the ceiling meets the wall, there’s no gap, it’s going
to be a nice clean line for us. That’s the advantage of caulking that line. I’m not too
fussy on the top of trim like this because you’re not going to actually ever be looking
down at it. And last but not least, this panel right here. This will conclude our cutting
for the wall. Now we can overlap a little bit onto our base molding here, which we’ve
left for last. The reason we left it for last is because, as you guessed it, gravity is
making all the paint drip down and splatter down and we don’t want to paint anything that’s
going to get splattered on. Continuing right around the area that we patched here. It’s
looking great. Sometimes you want to push the brush into some of the grooves if there’s
any type of textured surface, you want to make sure that the paint gets into all the
little details and nooks. So our final finish is nice and even. Cutting a nice line along
that trim piece. Okay, so that concludes our cutting in of the walls, let’s get rolling!

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