How to paint a chevron wall [EASY VIDEO TUTORIAL]
How to paint a chevron wall [EASY VIDEO TUTORIAL]

The first thing you want to do when you paint
your chevron wall is to measure the wall across and up and down. That’s how you find the middle. You measure across, divide by two. Measure up and down, divide by two, and that’s
the middle of the wall. When you find the middle, you mark it with
a dot and that will be your starting point. The angles will look the same at the top and
the bottom, and on the side. Then you decide how far apart, how big you
want your chevrons to be. I’m going to do ten inches. You start from your dot and then you measure
ten inches up and down. Then you draw another dot. From that point you’re going to use this part
of a level. It’s a 45-degree angle and from there, you’re
going to go up and over. As soon as that little bubble gets in the
middle, you draw your line. Again, I’m going to do these about ten inches
apart. They don’t have to be the same. It depends on what kind of pattern you want. I’ll go up and over ten inches. I’ll flip my level over like this to make
this level with the ground. Then I’ll go down and over ten inches. You keep doing this pattern until the entire
wall is done. This is what probably takes the longest part
when you’re doing your chevron wall. Then after that you need to tape your wall. When you start taping your wall, you have
to decide which part you’re going to paint and which part’s going to be the same. I decided that in here, I’m going to paint
it a lighter gray. When you put your tape on the wall, you want
to make sure that you’re going to cover the pencil marks that you made to make your line. You’re going to put the tape just a hair over
those pencil marks. You’re going to want your pieces of tape to
overlap a little bit because you’re going to need to use your X-ACTO knife to make the
edges perfect. You’re going to want your edges to look like
this when you’re done using your X-ACTO knife. Facing the space that you’re going to paint. Don’t worry about this space on the outside
because you’re not painting that, so you don’t need those edges to be clean. When your whole wall has edges like this in
the space you’re going to paint, you’re ready to paint your wall. When you’re done painting your wall, you don’t
have to wait for it to completely dry. You don’t want it to be completely wet. You want it to be a little in between and
that’s when you peel your tape off and your chevron wall is done.

12 thoughts on “How to paint a chevron wall [EASY VIDEO TUTORIAL]”

  1. Paulina Ruelas says:

    This deserves wayyyy more likes..

  2. Tanya Pruitt says:

    I love this!  So simple.  I have drawn my chevrons just like you explained.  Now all I have to do is tape and paint.  Like you said the hard part is over!  Thanks!

  3. amandasansone says:

    Thanks! Will be doing my first chevron wall in our new house!

  4. Linda Chatham says:

    Thanks so much for your easy to follow instructions.  My wall turned out great!!  I tell others that you need lots of patience and no interruptions!

  5. L S says:

    this was Super Easy! my walls look great. Thanks for sharing!

  6. yo 230 says:

    Que lindo que quedo

  7. Michelle Grisham says:

    do you include the baseboard height for calculating the middle of wall or do you just calculate it without the baseboard height?

    also what width of tape did you use? thank you

  8. Katherine Castro Morales says:

    I've read countless tutorials, I've spent a lot of time reading them.. now I see this video and you make it look so easy and so clear! thank you very much! Now at last I'm going to paint my chevron walls!!

  9. Carissa Carbajal says:

    used this tutorial for painting our young adult classroom at church! SO helpful!

  10. Catia Lucero says:

    Great tutorial explaining how to achieve  the look. I have a problem though. I have a long wall in my living room that is separated by 3 pilars. The issue is, I won't have all one wall… I'm not sure if breaking up the pattern would kill the flow and the take away the beauty of the chevron. What do you recommend doing? thank you.

  11. Sandra Barron says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial!! I used the helpful tips to paint a chevron wall in my bedroom and it looks fantastic. I've shown pictures to several of my friends and they all gasp and say it looks like it was done be a professional. Thanks again.

  12. Stephen Stone says:

    do you take into account the floor molding or no?

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