How to Paint a Fresco Mural with Stencil Kit by Cutting Edge Stencils. DIY decor ideas.
How to Paint a Fresco Mural with Stencil Kit by Cutting Edge Stencils. DIY decor ideas.

Hi, I’m Janna and I’m Greg from Cutting
Edge Stencils. Today we’re going to show you how to stencil this beautiful mural
using our ultimate for fresco stencil kit. These faux frescoes look great over
lightly textured plaster a simple faux finish or even a solid base coat.
We stencil this master bath over a blue plaster finish. Here’s what you’ll need.
Your Cutting Edge Stencil kit, a dense foam roller, artist and stencil brushes,
acrylic paints, large styrofoam plates, low tack painters tape and paper towels.
First you need to work out your composition. We chose to put large fruit
trees in the foreground, softened by ground cover of various plants. Using the
ultimate fresco stencil kit let’s start with a large fruit tree. Our tree stencil
comes in two parts for the ease of installation. The trunk and the top.
Position the trunk stencil on the wall and secure it with a few pieces of blue
painters tape. Load your dense foam roller with brown acrylic paint making
sure to offload any excess paint onto a folded paper towel. Now simply roll over
the trunk stencil applying light to medium pressure. Using a stencil brush
with a little bit of raw umber acrylic paint, shade one side of the trunk to
give it dimension. Remove the stencil now it’s time to connect the small gaps left
by stencil bridges with an artist brush and brown acrylic. Position the top of
the tree stencil so it connects to the trunk. Roll over the stencil gradually
building paint coverage using light pressure. It’s always better to start
with a lighter touch and build coverage rather than just pressing hard and
getting undesirable paint seepage under the stencil. Again, use a little raw umber
shading for the edges of the branches, to give them dimension. Remove the stencil
and connect the most obvious bridges with an artist brush. Next step, leaves. We
start with the darkest layers of the leaves adding lighter layers on top. This
creates a realistic looking tree canopy with depth. For the dark layer of leaves,
we’re going to use olive green acrylic paint
and our citrus leaves stencil that has six different leaf clusters. Position the
stencil so one of the leaf clusters naturally grows out of the branches. Load
the roller with paint, but don’t forget to blot off some by rolling it on the
paper towels. Simply roll over the leaf cluster with your roller, then take a
stencil brush with raw umber acrylic and darken the tips and bottoms of the
leaves. This simple touch will give a sense of dimension to the leaves. Repeat
this for each dark leaf cluster that you’re going to stencil. Make sure to use
different leaf clusters so you’re stenciling doesn’t look repetitive. For
the second layer of leaves we’re going to use a mixture of colors. Some fern
green, rusty Brown, some olive green, and sage. We want to introduce all these
colors at once into one layer of leaves by creating what we call a camouflage
roller or camo roller. Don’t forget to offload the extra paint onto a paper
towel. Place a different cluster from your citrus leaves stencil on top of the
darker leaves and roll over the stencil with your camo roller. You can see that
the leaves have a nice blend of colors to them and are lighter than the
previous layer adding a sense of depth to our canopy. These leaves don’t need
extra shading so just keep rolling more clusters with your camo roller. Finally
we’re going to create the brightest leaves at the ends of the branches. These
are the sunlit leaves that are sitting on the surface. I’ll use a brush a mix of
light acrylic colors and a small stencil called little leaflets. Simply pounce the
color through the stencil openings to get instant sunlight on your branches. Go
for solid opaque coverage. You want to block out the colors underneath. Now
we’re going to stencil a lemon from our fruit assortment stencil. Use a couple of
yellow acrylics and pounce with a brush to get good opaque coverage. You want
your coverage to be solid to block out the leaf shapes under it so the brush
should be pretty loaded with yellow paint for this step. Make sure to use an
up-and-down motion with your brush to avoid seepage. Shade an edge of the lemon with a little raw umber, then add a highlight by
pouncing in a little off white acrylic. Add more fruit here and there, but don’t
get carried away or it can look unnatural. You can always add a leaf or
two on top of your fruit so it looks like it’s hanging within the tree. Now
let’s add some ground cover plants at the bottom of the tree. Note that we made
the background color here darker. This will help to make your foreground
stenciling stand out. The same layering technique applies here.
Start with your darkest plants for the background and add lighter ones as you
move to the foreground. A simple rolling technique quickly gets the job done. Your
final result is a beautiful faux fresco reminiscent of Olivia’s garden Roman
frescoes. It’s so easy when using our Cutting Edge Stencil Ultimate Fresco Kit.
Cutting Edge Stencils, it’s beautiful made easy!

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  1. Salnsd says:

    Very nicely done. Hello Greg and Janna, Luis here in SD. Will you address questions concerning the Fresco stencil tecnhnique here?

  2. CuttingEdgeStencils says:

    Thanks! 🙂 We are showing the stenciling technique only in this video. It works great over any plaster, faux finish or even flat paint. We love how it works over a troweled and stained plaster finish, it really resembles frescoes, especially after you lightly sand the surface in the end to "age" it.

  3. Amy I. says:

    whoa thats awesome :O

  4. Rony Basir says:

    I am from Finland and I want to buy your products. so what would be the best way for to buy and get them?

  5. CuttingEdgeStencils says:

    Hi, thanks for your interest! The best way to buy these stencils at our site cuttingedgestencils. (dot com) We ship internationally!
    Thank you,

  6. marian martin says:

    hola me podria informar si es posible conceguirlos en mexico y un arpoximado del costo pues me interesan mucho sus productos pors su atencion gracias espero su respuesta

  7. CuttingEdgeStencils says:

    Hola gracias por su interes en nuestros productos, nosotros si hacemos envios a Mexico. Para informacion de costo de envios a Mexico por favor visite cuttingedgestencils (dot) com . Si tiene mas preguntas nos puede enviar un correo eletronico a gabi at cuttingedgestencils (dot) com donde que le podemos dar mas informacion.

  8. omein123 says:

    Hi greg and Janna one word Amazing!
    do you make any stencils for commercial buildings I mean stencils larger then 2X3 ft ?

  9. CuttingEdgeStencils says:

    Thank you very much 🙂 We can scale our existing stencil designs up to 40"x48", this is the largest sheets we have. Please call us at 201-828-9146 and we'll be happy to help!

  10. CuttingEdgeStencils says:

    Yes, of course the real traditional fresco is exactly painting on wet plaster. Here we are showing a Faux fresco technique with stencils which gives you a fresco look without the difficulty of the wet plaster technique!

  11. Bottega Creativa says:

    very good job!!! Compliments!!!

  12. CuttingEdgeStencils says:

    Thank you so much, glad you liked it 🙂

  13. CuttingEdgeStencils says:

    Thank you! Yes, with stencils it's just so much faster, but I love free handing too 🙂 I often combine stenciling with some free-handing, just to keep it fun and artistic.

  14. Sarah A says:

    thanks for teaching me how to paint! I'm gonna try this technique soon xxx

  15. CuttingEdgeStencils says:

    Thank you!

  16. CuttingEdgeStencils says:

    Thanks so much ! 🙂

  17. rob nixon says:

    will these stencils work on any substrate i.e glass,wood

  18. CuttingEdgeStencils says:

    Definitely! You can stencil on many surfaces, furniture, wood, rugs, (sisal ones work best), glass and fabric. Stencils work best on a flat surface or lightly textured one. If the surface has too much texture, stencils might not be the best choice. For glass use special paints for glass painting.

  19. Elif Koc says:

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  20. mehul joshi says:

    CuttingEdgeStencils available in India?

  21. CuttingEdgeStencils says:

    Hi, thanks for you interest! we don't have a store in India, but we ship to India. In fact, we have shipped many stencils to your country, so you can simply order online.
    Thank you,

  22. CuttingEdgeStencils says:

    Thank you! you do beautiful mural work too 🙂

  23. Baccara Rose says:

    I was watching Tangled. In one of the scene I was taken a back by its creativity. I went online and began to research Stencils, where your site came up. I am pleased and have interest. I will communicate when I am at that stage in my home decor. Thank you.

  24. CuttingEdgeStencils says:

    Thank you! Very happy you liked our products! Yes, do not hesitate to contact us when you're ready, and please check our our Facebook fan page, lots of great stencil ideas there from lots of cool and creative people! Just search for Cutting Edge Stencils on Facebook. (They will not let me post URL here). ~Janna

  25. Luis Almonte says:

    This stuff is great, I'm going to order some stencils for when my partner and I move into our new apartment. Just great stuff!!

  26. CuttingEdgeStencils says:

    Thank you! We have our bath done in this Fresco and it really looks beautiful. Best of luck with new apartment! ~Janna

  27. Luis Almonte says:

    Thank so much, just reaching this video gets me exited and giving me ideas haha.

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    I think it's really creative , and full of sense, I like it

  33. Janna Makaeva says:

    Thank you very much! 🙂

  34. Janna Makaeva says:

    thanks so much! Glad you liked the video 🙂 ~Janna

  35. pedro pizarro says:

    Fresco painting doesn't needs acrylic. If you do it is NOT FRESCO PAINTING, better study and watch less TV

  36. Janna Makaeva says:

    Thanks for your comments, I am well aware of the real fresco technique, and here we show "faux fresco technique" which allows you to get the look without the tediousness and time constraints of the Real Fresco Technique. BTW, I do not watch TV. Thank you! ~Janna

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    I have a question: I used to paint t-shirts with an airbrush, do you think I can do this ALL with an airbrush or start with the rollers and touch up with an airbrush???

  39. CuttingEdgeStencils says:

    Hi, thank you! I have never painted with airbrush, but I've done t-shirts with regular stencil brush and acrylics and it works great. You can easily stencil with a brush right on fabric, rollers work too but I prefer brushes fro fabric.I am sure you can combine techniques and get fabulous results! Sometimes I would paint fine details with a watercolor brush or a script liner – it all works 🙂 ~Janna

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  51. hina naz says:

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    Cutting Edge Stencils has the BEST, high-quality stencils that can be used on any surface! Check out all of our easy to use stencils here:

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