How to Paint a House : How to Roll a Wall for Painting
How to Paint a House : How to Roll a Wall for Painting

Hello! My name is Grady Johnson and I’m a
professional painter. And today I represent Now we’re going to talk
about rolling an interior wall. Now, whenever you’re rolling an interior wall the key to
it is to kind of keep the pressure off of the edge that you’re feathering and put the
pressure on the outside edge that’s working the paint. Now, when you are rolling an interior
wall you want to be sure and shorten up your handle as much as you can. This one’s a little
bit longer than I like. You can see right here, it’s going to be tight when I get up
in here. Usually I’ll use a little shorty in here. But I’m using this today to give
you an idea of how to work with one when it is too long. Also you can see I do have some
open room back here to work. But usually it’s better to get something shorter, a little
shorter pole to work in these tight areas. Just keep that in mind. But remember, that
no matter what you do you have to use a roller pole. Don’t try and just do it by hand. Because
that way it just works with your shoulders and not so much with your wrist. So go ahead
and put your roller pole on. I recommend you use a roller screen. I always do and with
the roller screen that’s going to push the paint in there so you have plenty of paint
to work with. Now you go ahead and just roll out a good portion of paint all the way down
and back up. Now what we do is we roll up to our edge without actually touching the
wall. We don’t want to touch the other wall. Just roll up to it. Now, once we’ve got that
done we want to even it out. Now this side leaves a line. The other side don’t. So we
want to even that out. Now once we have that all evened out we can get some more paint.
Now a lot of times you don’t have enough paint on here. You need to dunk that again. You
see the pressure you’re putting like this on the side that’s making a line. See how
it’s pushing that paint out? So you lean it the other way. That takes that line off. That
evens it out. It’s called feathering the paint and by feathering it like that, we take those
little ridges and lines out of there. You’ll see that other guy before you, when he painted
he didn’t do that. That’s why those little lines are in there. But we’re not going to
worry about that and we’re going to be real careful not to get on up there onto that ceiling.
So roll that on out. Even it on out. Once you’ve got that all set up, you want to grab
another, another full roller of paint. Okay, so when we’re bringing it on down and we get
into these tight areas, you want to roll it halfway and roll it back up and then feather
it a little bit. It’s something like this. You see, we got about halfway down. Now, whenever
we’re rolling we are just kind of working it by leaning that roller and feathering that
edge. So you lean it this way and that pulls the weight off of this edge and it doesn’t
leave a line. Okay and then on this one, we want to hold our roller up and down like this.
Careful not to hit the ceiling. Then, once you have that covered even that out again.
That’s just how you do it if your rolling pole’s too long. You can see, we’ve got a
little bit of a line going there, so we want to even that out too. It’s just a matter of
evening out the texture and these are just a few of the techniques you’re going to remember
whenever you’re rolling an interior wall.

5 thoughts on “How to Paint a House : How to Roll a Wall for Painting”

  1. In the Back Row says:

    OMFG! How about getting an expert to do this. The screen is not to push the paint into the roller. The screen is for taking paint OFF the roller so you have the right charge. He is starting at the top of the wall and working down. He should start in the middle and spread the paint out from there. Starting at the top will give you a hot charge on the top and a skim coat on the bottom. Third, this guy has no idea what feathering really means. This guy sucks!

  2. Ari Mantzoros says:

    Why not use an 18 inch roller with a real roller bucket? The pole he's talking about is called an extension. The reason he doesn't have a shorter extension is because he's really not a professional painter. No offense but most painters that roll 2 to 4 thousand square foot homes almost at a daily basis don't have a gut. The most basic part of rolling a wall is you start in the center and spread the paint up and down. Agree with featurepictureshow 100%. This guy just wanted to be on YouTube.

  3. Djordje Djekic says:

    U SUCK M8!

  4. C A says:

    @hew33 thank god there is an actual expert here

  5. ttb kombs says:

    this guy is a professional and knows what he's talking about.

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