How to Paint a Kitchen : Painting Kitchen Walls
How to Paint a Kitchen : Painting Kitchen Walls

Moving right along. Our next step in painting
the kitchen is going to be to cut in the wall area. We want to cut in the edges before we
roll. So let me jump up on my ladder and let’s begin. It’s okay, we came a little bit over
onto the trim. We’re using the same color paint for the trim and the walls so it makes
the job a little bit easier. We want to continue all the way across the ceiling. We’re applying
a good healthy amount of paint to the surface. And then just kind of pushing it right along
the edge. It’s important with the finishing strokes that we’re evening out all the paint
because we don’t want the brush strokes to be visible after we roll. we’re going to roll
right into this. I’m not going to spend too much time with this trim here because since
we’re going to be using the same color on both the trim and the walls we’re going to
apply the paint right onto this with the roller. And then I’ll back brush it to get into the
details. Normally we save the baseboard molding for last but in this case you’re going to
paint right onto it because it’s the same color. Continue wrapping right around the
room. Come to this funny little area over here. Be a lot of cutting and a lot of brush
work. That’s pretty common to kitchens. It’s going to be a lot of small areas around cabinets
and counters. I’m using a brush wiggling it a little bit to kind of push the paint into
some of these grooves and textured details. The wall’s a little funky over here. It’s
not really a flat surface. It’s a textured area. So what I like to do is I like to just
kind of push the paint onto the wall and then kind of wiggle the brush like so. You can
still kind of straight line with that. Alright that concludes the cutting in of the walls.
Now we’re ready to start rolling.

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  1. Roli Maheshwari says:

    what the heck ?

  2. Candice R says:

    Green to grey? No one has good taste in paint on these youtube videos! YUCK!

  3. ladytok1 says:

    I think the color should of stayed green.

  4. canamm says:

    I can't believe they bothered to put this video on youtube. They went from one uber-ugly color to another over a garbage surface.

  5. John Hofer says:

    Wow, how moronic is that?

  6. victor castro says:

    pro painter with that paint pail ?c ome ón

  7. dexter whittington says:

    my kitchen's orange, i painted it, im so tired of tan, and this a very old house, in south lousiana,im going with the antique look, original floors and all

  8. Green Apple Painting says:

    @tawkingjames79 thanks I watch these and found them to be awful. So i tried to be as helpful as i could in just 10 mins. When I was in the union we always worked out of a bucket. But since doing residential repaints I've found pans easier and cleaner.

  9. KitaDyer says:


  10. thevampyrash says:

    It's a solid gray box. I don't think they do that to people that are in jail.

  11. DanniPunx says:

    it would be waaay better if i could actually see the video

  12. ooLiceoo says:

    ew the color….eww the ceiling… holy [email protected] who paints on tiles and baseboard??? never seen that before…

  13. Leigh Shakespeare says:

    Sloppy cutting in and you know it, don't make how to videos if you need to learn how also

  14. tinagel0 says:

    Fliesen anmalen würde in Deutschland kein Mensch machen. Sieht ja fürchterlich aus.

  15. MOTHER WISDOM says:

    Wow he sure did make a mess here 🙁

  16. MrSueravey says:


  17. travis kennedy says:

    im assuming after all these vids, id be god if i made my own vid lol

  18. Living is Suicide says:

    id get depressed in that room just cause of the color . so horrible

  19. jesus ramirez says:

    bad painter

  20. Scrounger says:

    Yes Grey I'm going for that "depressing wish i had the guts to kill myself" look

  21. HeySlowPokes says:

    That couldn't be the ceiling in a house, could it?
    What a dump !


  22. Más que Techos says:

    Si te gusta la decoración, no dejes de visitar mi web, para descubrir una nueva forma de decorar los interiores.


  23. Miguel Razo says:

    I never see a grey kitchen is sucks and depress
    you have to be a idiot to hire this guy!!

  24. colin campbell says:

    …. do you know what it is yet? rolf harris..

  25. dustinbrand says:

    i really hope this is your kitchen and your not charging anyone , why would you want to show people this

  26. Dali100789 says:

    You need more paint on your brush bro. Good wiggle though, that's a real good way to ease into a tight corner without globbing paint on it. always finish your strokes from dry into the wet too. Not too bad though.

  27. elvis459 says:

    Walls, Tiles, Trim, Baseboard, all the same horrible color. Why didnt you just paint the ceiling grey while your at it!

  28. Berenice Sanchez says:

    WHY GRAY!?

  29. ilovescience says:

    Why grey !!!!!!!!! Green was pretty nice 🙁

  30. FeFabregas says:

    stay green man!

  31. Gavin L Melinn says:

    Good job bro…

    Now go buy some overalls!!

  32. ricardo hernandez says:

    the grey color is primer thats kiding

  33. TheDextin says:

    I laughed until I pissed myself .

    Horrible colours man, that colour is a garage maybe -.-

  34. J- roc says:

    1 Horrible frigging color to the next.

  35. william campbell says:

    wow no way you make a living making such a big mess

  36. LovelyMarie B says:

    Lol If he can paint a kitchen then so can I, and I don’t have no experience.

  37. Bhumi deepak khurana Bhumi deepak khurana says:


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