How to Paint a Mural : Blending Sky in a Mural
How to Paint a Mural : Blending Sky in a Mural

ANGELA FRACASSO: Hi, this is Angela with
And I’m in the–this segment is about kind of blending in the sky with the wall. In the
last segment, I started putting in the sky and then what I’ve done to help blend into
the wall because we just kinda want it to fade out. This whole mural is going to kinda
fade out into the background. And so I’ve just added a lot of retarder medium, acrylic
retarder medium. And then I’ve kinda wiped it out a little bit and smoothed out with
a damp cloth. So that’s one of the reasons why I like to work with acrylic because you
can–it’s water soluble. So if you want to thin your paint, you can thin it with a little
bit of water but I’ve noticed it makes it really runny so I like to use a medium. And
you can use any kind of medium but this also increases drying time and helps it spread
kinda like a glaze. And then it also helps to stand back a little bit and kinda see where
you’re going and you can’t always see everything from right up. So I’m just kinda drybrushing
it a little bit to kinda mix it in and then I stand back a few feet every time–every
once in a while and see where I need to be.

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