How to Paint a Mural : Connecting Mural Walls with Themes
How to Paint a Mural : Connecting Mural Walls with Themes

So because this tiger is floating in mid-air,
I’ve decided to create, like a hilltop, and then run that hilltop all the way across the
mural. We’re going to put another, this is a very rough sketch. We’re going to put another
tiger in here. I’m going to extend, in front of the Taj Mahal, is a large pond. So I’m
going to extend that all the way down to where these grasses, this hilltop comes. Now this,
the whole hilltop will be covered in flowers. Many different colors of wildflowers. And
we have the trees that come down in front of the Taj Mahal. So then in the distance,
we will create these snow-capped mountains, and hills, and a river. All, flowing all the
way down and opening up here, into the ocean. So we will have a beachhead here. This is
actually the door of the restaurant to the kitchen, so we’re going to paint all the way
over that door, keep these mountains coming down, and then a very beautiful cloudy sky,
against blue. So this will run all the way. So these mountain range will run all the way
around, all the way around across all the walls. Creating a theme of this, the mountains
will be higher in this area. Creating a theme of this river opening into lakes, and flowing
all the way down into the ocean.

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