How to Paint a Room : Priming Walls Before Painting
How to Paint a Room : Priming Walls Before Painting

Ok, the next step in our bedroom painting
project is to prime the areas that we have prepped on the walls. I’ve got my primer right
here. And again, you want to make sure that you give it a good stir in case the paint
separated. Now I already have a roller that’s got primer on it from a previous project and
I put it in a baggie and what that does is it keeps it wet. So you can use it again and
again if you need to. Now this is a smaller version of the rollers we’ve been using thus
far. They call them hot dog rollers and they come in really handy when it comes to things
like priming where you don’t necessarily have a big area to cover. Ok, I’m going to take
my drop cloth because again, we want to protect our floors. Dip the roller and then I’m just
going to hit these spots that we patched earlier. If you see areas where there might be some
smudges and stuff, you might want to hit those too. Ok, so most primers only take about an hour
to dry so we’ll let that dry and then we’ll get on to paint.

18 thoughts on “How to Paint a Room : Priming Walls Before Painting”

  1. BrittyB514 says:

    I wanted to know if someone could help me…. I've never painted a room befor and I'm moving in two weeks, I have the color picked out and its a dark purple plumb color. The room that I'm painting has brand new walls, that have never been painted… Is there anything special I need to do or can I just start painting? To I need to put primer on it first? Or buy extra coats cause its a new wall? If someone could respond I'd REALLY appreciate it. Thanks. 😀

  2. Just Another Soulless Ginger says:

    hey i have a whole room to primer then paint how would i go about that?

  3. Dell Griff says:

    painting out of buckets is the only way to go.A 5 gallon or 2 gallon bucket.And Always with a roller poll.Not holding a roller frame and using a little plastic tray to roll out of.

  4. KimuraSOB666 says:

    I just moved in to a new house and i wanna paint one of the rooms from a medium toned blue to a tan-ish/brown kinda color. Should i prime the whole room before i put on the new paint??

  5. TomSawyerPainting says:

    Primer does a couple of things.

    1. It can be used to Kill the color if it's a strong one,
    2. It can also Neutralize the surface you are getting ready to paint,
    3. And it can also be used as a barrier to keep Paint from penetrating into your new drywall or new wood as they are both very porous.

  6. jerseynick67 says:

    @dellgriff82 I agree with the bucket technique, use it all the time there is no better way to do big jobs. But I do use a rigid metal tray for painting doors with semi-gloss using a whiz roller. you fill the tray with a quart or so of semi and it;s easy to carry around with you. again. using a tray for ceilings and walls is not a good idea because it wastes time re-loading every 5 minutes. And theres a chance you will have spillage or an accidental tip-over.

  7. Chris Walters says:

    If he used Pollyfilla Trade he wouldn't need to do that as it won't bleed through the Emulsion like Tetrion … He's just wasted a day !! Quick tip … Fillers that bleed through ?? Tetrion Interior , Red Devil Minute Fillers .. Most resin based Fillers and Fillers that contain Silica or Cement !! Best primers for those ?? Zinzer Shellac based primers/Stain Block … Dries in 40 minutes.. Great for water stains , Knots , Nicotine and smoke damage !!

  8. Vern Zwaag says:

    I don't spot prime because it has potential to be seen. Why do i do things right the first time? So I don't have to do it again…

  9. mr mo says:

    is it ok to paint over dust?

  10. Ajit Singh says:

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  11. geoff toner says:

    Sorry Mate, but where you in the back of queue when they where dishing out drop sheets?

  12. Kim Stone says:

    Some painters do not apply primer. I have the the experience when the painter did not apply primer before painting. And after only one year it was shedding over my house. Next time I called and I was quite happy with their work, they applied primer.

  13. Gee Vargas 7 says:

    I've been a painter for many years i will never hire you plus you need white painters clothes to looks professional

  14. Rajat Matta says:

    Sir mre gar phle distemper hua h ab m plastic paint krwana chahta hu to ap mjhe btye ki phle m uspe primer lgwa k paint krwau ya direct paint krwau

  15. Deepak Sharma says:

    I want to shift in my room and want to primer and paint it can someone help me to do it

  16. Vira Thiyam says:

    Should you wet the wall just before priming?

  17. Tony Pierro says:

    If I prime the wall or door how long should I wait to start applying color? And does it matter if the primer is waterbase and the color Is acrylic?

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