How To Paint A Room : Wall Edge Painting Tips
How To Paint A Room : Wall Edge Painting Tips

I’m doing a demonstration for Expert Village,
Painting 101. Smooth strokes right down the middle and on the sides. Down the middle and
then smooth on the sides. That will help blend in to the surface you have already painted
and just like with the roller, your initial usage of a paint brush is going to soak up
about as much paint you put on the wall so you have to dip it liberally in the beginning.
Down the middle, on the sides to smooth it in.

7 thoughts on “How To Paint A Room : Wall Edge Painting Tips”

  1. Razrback26 says:

    Uh, that was pretty self explanatory! Get to some real edging!

  2. Tanvea Ahmed says:

    Thank you for this – you have been very helpful and keep up the good work. Ppl please stop and think if u were african u would indeed be offended.

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  4. j fols says:

    that was not helpful, and they made us watch an add that was half as long as the video. wtf?!

  5. John Foley says:

    @GhettoDubz TRUE DAT

  6. manofcraft says:

    @geterpaintd u r not good man.

  7. Steven Snoxall says:

    haha, to funny

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