How to Paint an Exterior Wall : Painting the Eaves of an Exterior Wall
How to Paint an Exterior Wall : Painting the Eaves of an Exterior Wall

Hello! My name is Grady Johnson and I am a
professional painter and today I am representing expert Okay now that we’ve got
everything dropped off, we are going to go ahead and paint the eaves and the fascia together.
Now to do this first we got to pour out our paint and is just really simple. Just pop
it open with your putty knife or 5-in-one tool and pour all of it into the bucket. Go
ahead and wipe that out with your brush, put the top back on and go ahead and start painting.
Okay we are going to go ahead and put our finished coat of paint on. Now when you dip
your brush into your paint, you want to push that paint into the brush. Just don’t pull
it straight out or it will drip all over the place. Now you can see I can hold it like
this and it doesn’t drip very much at all. Now I am going to do the under side and backside
first and bring then bring the fascia over last that is because you can’t really see
any lap marks on here. Now when you are covering something especially with white, always remember
when you are going onto the wood it is going to make a mark and when you come off the wood,
it is going to take it off and that is the way you use your brush. Also, I am using a
sharper brush with an angle on it so I can cut in these lines. Now I am doing this because
today I want to go ahead and put the other coat of paint on right away. If I cut it in
pretty close, then I am not going to have to worry about it drying all the way up before
I put the next coat on. So I am going to cut this in nice and close and you want to be
sure to cover it especially when you deep wells up there. Get everything nice and covered
and don’t worry if it laps on the wall. A little bit is okay because it is going to
have to dry up before you put the next coat on. Get all up in these corners too. Now when
you have a deep caulking wells like this it will cause ridges up in there. As long as
you cover it up with paint it won’t matter. Remember this stuff back here only gets 1
coat so cover this up real well and what you do when you get this done is you just even
it out and remember when you go on you are making a mark, when you come off you are taking
that mark off. Just don’t run it way down on the wall because you are going to be putting
a darker color on and if it is dark, it’s hard to color those light colors. We are going
to continue this all the way down and we are going to bring in this underside. Once we
have this underside all the way painted, then we are going to bring this facia on over as
well. The facia that you do last all at once and make sure that it doesn’t lap and now
I am going to go ahead and paint this all th4e way down and this is how you brush the
eaves and the facia on an exterior wall.

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  1. Garciamrcool says:

    Grady in shades!!!

  2. Glen Alo says:

    get some white overalls, and steel cap work boots 😉

  3. Firstname Lastname says:

    Excellent tips, thank you

  4. eric hickman says:

    If this guy got hired by me and i saw what he was doing i'd send him home and give him enough money to buy a sandwich.

  5. ttb kombs says:

    ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh looking good in the shades. NERD lol

  6. btrim1974 says:

    I've had my commercial/residential painting company for 25 years I've never seen it done this way lol paint walls first then trim that's how we do it

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