How to Paint an Exterior Wall : Rolling On Paint When Painting an Exterior Wall
How to Paint an Exterior Wall : Rolling On Paint When Painting an Exterior Wall

Hello. My name is Grady Johnson and I’m a
professional painter. And, today I’m representing Okay. Now, we’re rolling
this wall. And, when you’re rolling you want to be sure and get the paint on your roller
evenly. You do that just by spinning it in your bucket. Now, if you get a paint screen,
that’s even easier. It’ll press it in. But, you can just roll it in your bucket. Get it
on there evenly. And then, go ahead and roll it on out there. Now, be careful near the
top so that you get that line nice and even. And, once you’ve got that filled in, then
you can start to work your paint. You see, I’m already out of paint. One thing about
rolling, be sure you have enough paint on your roller to do the job. Go ahead and roll
it again. Get a little more in there. More paint on my roller. And, I’m going to bring
it on down. Now, take that down as far as you can. Then, we’ll cut in the bottom after
we’re all done. Yeah. There we go. Nice and even. Now, be sure it all fills in. There
we go. Nicely done. Now, you want to look back on your work as you go to make sure there
aren’t any holidays. That’s what we call little places we’ve missed. And, on stucco those
can be just one little, little spot of white that’ll pop up. Sometimes you won’t see them
until the next day and you can always touch it up. But, try and catch it as you go while
it’s wet. The main thing with rolling is you want to watch those ridges. These are just
little lines that come from the roller. You see that line on the edge right there? I’m
going to work that out. And then, roll that out across my work. Just like that. And, the
same thing on the bottom. Now, you never want to dry roll. Cause if you dry roll, you’re
going to have a mess. We look pretty good here. So, we just going to even it on out.
And, move up and down our wall. Yeah. That’s looking good. There we go. And, that’s how
we roll a wall after we cut it in.

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