How to Paint an Exterior Wall : Spackling & Painting an Exterior Wall
How to Paint an Exterior Wall : Spackling & Painting an Exterior Wall

Hello! My name is Grady Johnson and I am a
professional painter and today I am representing Okay, now I want to talk
a little bit about spackling. Whenever you have a crack that is on a flat surface like
a wall or the flat surface of a board, you are going to want to spackle that. Caulking
will leave a ridge and it will well up where spackling you can build it up a little bit
and sand that off flat. Also, you are going to find little holes like the one you see
up here. That’s like an old knot that fell out. You might even find a hole that is on
your wall itself. That is when you use the lightweight spackling. Now if the hole is
around a quarter inch, just go ahead and put the spackling in. You are going to be okay.
But if you get up over that about a half an inch, then you want to at least stick some
wire up in there or some newspaper to kind of fill up the hole. Okay, let’s go ahead
and put that spackling on up in there. Just get a little bit on your 5 in 1 tool. You
can use a flex blade too; that is probably a little bit easier. I just usually use a
5 in 1 because I always have it with me and just dab that up in there and even it all
out. Once you have that done, you just smooth it all out and that hole is completely filled.
Okay, then you are going to do the same thing on all those little cracks. Go ahead and get
yourself a little more on there and go ahead and hit those cracks. You can just smooth
that and work it up in those crakcs and smooth that on out. Now if you see any of it just
ridging out, just kind of wipe it out with your fingers and wash it off. This is how
you do spackling on an exterior surface including the walls and the wood flat surfaces.

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