How To Paint High Ceilings?
How To Paint High Ceilings?

>>Randy: Hi. This is Randy I’m a general contractor in
the Dallas area, here today with and our Ask the Contractor question. And our question today is how do you paint
high ceilings? Depending on the height the safest way is
to build a scaffold, just according to how high you need to go. If you don’ have access to a scaffold and
they’re not, say over 12 or 13 foot you can get a painter’s pole or a telescoping pole
that you connect the roller to. I think they come up to 16 foot long so, you
should be able to reach almost a 20 foot ceiling from the floor. You attach the roller to the end and roll
away with that. If it’s higher than that you do need a scaffold. I suggest getting some professional help on
either painting, doing the paint work or building the scaffolding because that’s a safety issue
that we don’t want anybody getting hurt doing something they don’t understand. If you have questions or comments of your
own leave them in the box below and we may feature you on the next Ask the Contractor

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