How To Paint Ombre Furniture with Country Chic Paint | Ombre Painting Tutorial
How To Paint Ombre Furniture with Country Chic Paint | Ombre Painting Tutorial

Hi everyone this is Jessica from Blue Peaches
Furniture and I’m here live today on the Country Chic Facebook group and I’m going to do a
tutorial on how to complete the ombre look which is just a blended paint look it will
look like that so the paints blend into one another and I just want to let you guys know
that this is my first live video that I’ve ever done so I’m extremely nervous but also
really excited and I’d love for it to be as interactive as possible so please leave a
heart, comment, let me know what you’re thinking ask questions, anything you’d like and Without
further ado I’ll get started so basically what I’ve already done is I started it with
the colors I wanted to use and what I did to prepare for this was I cleaned the piece
with 1 part vinegar and 1 part water to give it a good cleaning I lightly sanded it so
the paint will stick better and then I wasn’t sure what this surface was it look a little
shiny so I used the Country Chic primer which just helps the paint stick better and that’s
not always necessary it depends on the surface because Country Chic Paint usually sticks
well to any surface so that’s what I did to prepare and then obviously I just painted
what I wanted the colors to be and I haven’t blended them yet though So in terms of the
materials needed to get started pick the paint colors you want to use you can pick anywhere
from 2 to 100 colors so let me know what colors you’d love to use in an ombre look the possibilities
are endless you can make really colorful unique pieces with it I also like to have 1 paint
brush for each color I’m painting just because it avoids you having to clean it in between
coats of paint or when you’re switching colors but if you only have one paint brush that’s
totally fine too I’m just doing it for this tutorial Then the next thing is I usually
take the paint and remove it from the jar and put it in little cups because since we’ll
be blending and mixing the paint it’s just better than
having to ruin a whole jar of paint by mixing the paint colors that’s a great tip and the
other thing that I use is a water spray bottle just to keep the paint from drying while I’m
trying to blend it so let’s get started I’m just going to lightly dip the paint using
the first color which is pink into the paint brush and I’m just going to lightly put it
on wherever I want it to go so we’ll just get going so I just put it on wherever you
can just use a light coat and I just used long brush strokes and then I’ll take my next
color which is purple and just start painting it and as you can see since it’s wet it will
just start blending naturally see how it’s just sort of mixing together? You just keep going back and forth in long
strokes and then when the paint starts to dry or you want to add more you can spray
it a little and one really cool thing with spraying is that the more you spray it, the
more it will drip which can create this very cool and unique look
Was your base coat completely dry before you started to blend? Yes it was but that’s not always necessary
you can also do it all in one go while it’s still wet but just for the ease of this piece
it’s just a little bit easier to blend once you know the layout of where your colors are
but it’s not necessary if you don’t want to wait and you just want to get right to it

7 thoughts on “How To Paint Ombre Furniture with Country Chic Paint | Ombre Painting Tutorial”

  1. Tiger Doll says:


  2. Deborah Hopper says:

    I love your work and the colors, I want to paint my dresser it has a laminated cover on it under it it's made of sandle wood so how do I paint that type of wood, I from California and need some help, Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Beverly Brown says:

    Oh my goodness! I saw your dresser in Instagram and have been trying to recreate it on my dresser but was having a hard time blending it. Went online and this tutorial popped right up with you and the same colors. What are the chances?? 😄 Thank you for the tutorial. Super helpful and you did great! And love your work.

  4. Susan Cristallee says:

    What kind of paint are you using? Thanks!

  5. Connie Cummings says:

    I'm still waiting for your to tell me what kind of paint your using….it's also not in the video title and so I'm frustrated at all the talking so far and I dunno if it's milk paint or chalk paint or what!!????

  6. Nikki Leigh says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I have been struggling to death with this. After watching your video… I was able to do it first try! I'm so stinking happy! Great job on the video, you're a fantastic teacher. 💕
    Lots of love from Alberta, Canada

  7. Lori Meyer says:

    I would really like to see more examples online with yellows. 🙂 I haven't tried ombre yet, but this video is great! Thank you! And I am watching from FL, not live, a little late to the party! 😀👍

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