How to Paint Wall Murals : How to Add Detail to a Wall Mural
How to Paint Wall Murals : How to Add Detail to a Wall Mural

IAN LOVEALL: Hi. I’m Ian Loveall with Expert
Village, and we’re looking at mural painting today. One of the things you need to consider
when you start out to paint a mural is the level of detail that’s going to be necessary
for the space. For example, if we look over here to my right, this wall didn’t require
very much detail; it’s more of a backdrop for the room. It’s never viewed from much
closer than where I’m standing right now, so it wasn’t really necessary to get in there
and paint every little vein on every little leaf. Now, if we move to this wall over here,
we have a completely different setup, lots of open space. We’ve got an office area here.
So, a lot of activity happens in this part of the room, so we wanted to get down to a
little more detailed level for this particular wall since it’s going to be viewed from much
closer. Now, the first thing you might notice about this wall is that it’s got actually
a higher level of contrast than this wall; that means the lights are lighter and the
darks are darker. You may also see that the cast shadow from the vine and the wall at
the top here is much darker than any of the cast shadows we see over here on this wall.
Also, when we got in here with the border on the–around the window, we had to get very
detailed because it’s going to be viewed from very close up. So, we started with the basic
form which was the shadow and the low light. That’s the recessed areas here. And then when–and
with a really fine brush and painted in highlights and shadows on every surface and that really
makes it pop out and look three-dimensional. Now, we also went back and added some cracks
as if this was a tile border that’s been around for years, so you can see we’ve got some cracks
going across the whole way, some nicks, some dents, some dings, just little things that
once you get up and start looking at it real close will sort of keep you engaged.

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  1. Alana Dill says:

    your video would be technically improved if you didn't have the super-bright light coming in through the windows; camera is having trouble focusing on the artwork. Maybe re-shoot at night, or with the windowshades drawn, or with the sun at a different angle.

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