How to Paint Wall Murals : How to Sketch Out a Wall Mural
How to Paint Wall Murals : How to Sketch Out a Wall Mural

IAN LOVEALL: Hi. I’m Ian Loveall with Expert
Village, and we’re talking about mural painting today. So, I’m going to dive right in and
we’re going to start talking about painting a mural from start to finish. For example,
we’ll be looking at this mural that you see behind us here. Now this started as all murals
do, as a simple sketch. So, what I have here is an early sketch for the scene you see behind
me. The person who commissioned me to do this mural wasn’t too picky about the subject matter.
She just said she wanted something that would take her outside. She is also a big fan of
all things Tuscan, so I thought some arches with a landscape behind might be nice for
her living room. So, here I’ve got a layout of the room with all the furniture that’s
going to be in it. As you can see, it differs from my earlier sketch and that this one features
palm trees and a more Mediterranean feel and three arches rather than two. Later on I decided
to ditch the three arches, I hate symmetry, so we went back to the two asymmetrical arches
which I think works a lot better in this space. And it’s always important to take into account
the furniture in the room. You can’t walk in here and assume that they’re going to rearrange
their room to accommodate the art work. So, that’s always something to think about when
you start planning a mural. From this stage, if the owner is happy and the artist is happy,
then we move on to color models.

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    cool!!!. malaka e malaka

  2. Adventure Aisle says:

    Thanks so much for doing this! Your work is breathtaking and will be a great help as I've been working on my daughter's room.

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    good stuff

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    Wtf is with all the fucking words thats annoying i cant see anything! thuumbs down!

  6. Venture Artist says:

    I am making a mural…but i am trying to think of an idea…i am trying to describe art and music in it…but paint it…sounds difficult but if someone or a bunch of people message me there ideas…to give me an idea for it …it would be great golly great …ok well pls someone give me some thoughts

  7. JustForBrieLarson says:

    Stevenjdupuis Draw from your heart

  8. JustForBrieLarson says:

    Draw your song on the wall

  9. John Moore says:

    Want to learn how to paint a mural? Take the Mural Design: Painting on Walls class online – 

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