How to Paint Walls – Dutch Boy Paints
How to Paint Walls – Dutch Boy Paints

Painting Walls If you plan to paint your ceiling,
do so before you start on the walls. Once the ceiling is thoroughly dry,
mask it off with painters tape. Also mask all other edges, trim, and so forth. You can learn more about masking
techniques in our getting organized module. Then doing one wall at a time, use a
2 to 4 inch trim brush to cut in where the wall meets the ceiling or other walls around
door and window trim and baseboards. Cut in a section about 2 feet by 2 feet at a time. Paint the section or wall immediately after cutting in. To avoid lap marks, apply the paint in
the form of an N in the cut-in section. Roll as close to the edges as you can. Then fill in by rolling horizontally and vertically. Don’t roll it too thin, or you may be in for another coat. When you’ve completed a two foot
wide strip from top to bottom, repeat the same process in a strip next to the first one.

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