How to Paint Walls : Even Coat When Painting With Roller
How to Paint Walls : Even Coat When Painting With Roller

Hi, this is Dan today we are still working
on our demonstration for Now one of the other things that we need to
consider when we are painting is we want to start on one side and work our way to the
other end of the wall. If you do this it makes it where you can keep that consistent flow,
that smooth finish without any breaks and coverage. There is also more time effective
and it just looks better when you finish. I approach all my painting projects like this
I would start on one while, I would work from left to right and I would go around the entire
room. (painting wall) Just go back a few width on what we have already back rolled and then
bring it forward to where we are. If you notice a line form when you are rolling, go ahead
and take care of it. One of the thing that we are noticing here is we have a excessive
paint build up on our edges. You can clean that off just by rolling and applying pressure
on that edge and rolling it out. You just want to get that rolled out before those lines
get to difficult to get out. Now just like with the base and the ceiling, I’m going to
stay about a inch away from that casing. A inch is a pretty safe distance, you can keep
pretty good control over that as well as not giving yourself a lot of time to try to cut
in after you have it rolled. If you look there you can see that I have quiet a bit of paint
build up right there so I’m just going to take, rolled down the wall, get some of that
paint off of my roller frame. I’m going to roll that out that way I don’t have more paint
drying in one area where it is going to end up being thicker then anywhere else. The same
with the corners you just want to stay approximately a inch away.

34 thoughts on “How to Paint Walls : Even Coat When Painting With Roller”

  1. jake watts says:

    no u dont cut in after u roller u will get the window affect

  2. Mohawk Brah says:

    What do you mean turn the roller around, doe it matter?

  3. batsy99 says:

    The guy in the vid is doing it all wrong. The wall is gonna look like a patch work. Lift the roller and then place it like that and its line city. flourishjoe I salute you for saying how it should be done.

  4. PrincessB013 says:

    i thought you were supposed to paint in a 'w' motion that way no lines form and it sound like he's pushing to hard and has to much paint on his brush

  5. kevbo7s says:

    How the hell is there enough paint left on that pad after the 4th roll???? Dry pads leave lines.

  6. Jay Pill says:

    its not even that… hes stretching his paint out…. you should always have your roller dipped/drenched…. some may disagree but your painting walls, so get the f*en paint on the wall… easier to eliminate streaks with a wet roller.

  7. rhettco52 says:

    couple things
    – first off he has the roller backwards, you should have the metal arm that holds the sleeve pointing in the direction you are painting
    – he should be using more paint; load that sucker up, go up and down the wall, spread the paint over a section 2-3 roller widths wide, and then go back over the section you just painted and smooth it out by 'backrolling', and make sure not to lift the roller off the wall, use smooth strokes and go floor to ceiling don't stop in middle of the wall

  8. rhettco52 says:

    – and you can roll it first like this (without cutting it in first) if it is the first coat only, and then do your first coat cutting in the edges afterwards. But ALWAYS cut in first then roll when it is the final coat. However, that being said I like to always cut in first then roll second – sometimes if you tightroll first (like here) then cut, you can get flashing and then you end up having to apply another coat with the roller – I think you end up with a better finish by always cutting first

  9. comets00 says:

    @painterforum im a painter and ive painted many walls 1 day after it has been plastered and ive had no problems with it

  10. comets00 says:

    @homemademom1 if you look at the top of the wall when is is rollering you would see that he is leaving alot to cut in

  11. knox199181 says:

    u cant lift roller ever except to reload,only do 2×2 foot sections and make a W from right to left,Then V from left to right. or vice versa. ,and u paint like my dad,u just glop it on the edges,start further away from edges and spreed towards edges.

  12. mikeinchgo says:

    I though the pro's say you are never supposed to never lift the roller off the wall, and what about the 'W' that everyone always spoke about? I learned nothing in this video,,,

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  14. mariatheknitwit says:

    Thankyou SOOO much!!!!!!!

  15. Carlos Colon says:

    you can see some lines in the wall from this carmrea

  16. Jayjr1105 says:

    Aren't you supposed to cut before you roll?

  17. softball girl sqaud says:

    Reh-tardddd you'll be halfway descent if you listen to this guy… I'd actually kill to have him on this 30,000 sq ft. library ceiling we have going on right now. hows 12 bucks an hour bud?

  18. khaled UAUD says:


  19. Tenzil Kem says:

    Pretty useless. "Roll up, then roll down. Go from left to right."

  20. Brush Magic Painting and Decorating LLC says:

    His rolling techniecs are absolutely incorrect ..too slow .Some people doing painting over 20 years but still they don't know right way!! Sorry but in this video that is obviously…

  21. Tirirangi Mani says:

    If it was my 1st coat i wud roll everything 1st so i cud roll as close as i need 2 my edges then on my Topcoat cut b4 i roll so that i cud roll out any brush marks !!

  22. Christian Bouck says:

    Good demonstration. Thank you Dan.

  23. Aoopna says:

    Great tips here for everyone to pick up on … from beginner to professional. Cheers Dan for a very helpful video and your such a genuine, easy-going guy too. Thanks mate.

  24. mizhollylaw says:

    I have trouble getting a consistant shine when rolling on semi gloss interior latex. Any tips for that?

  25. tjcurrie says:

    Ya but have you ever walked in to a painting porno with a housewife who cant keep her hands off of you? Thats the mark of a REAL painter.

  26. lovedr89 says:

    If I painted that slow I wunt make any money.

  27. Anonymous says:

    What kind of roller are you using – what is the nap length? It looks like you can get quite a bit of wall covered with just one dip in the paint. Thanks!

  28. Michael Kaplan says:

    nice work holmes, thanks!

  29. pbaylis1 says:

    You are laying off upwards with one pass then downwards with the next. If the paint has any type of gloss in it, you will notice the difference along the wall. Keep the lay offs the same direction.

  30. J1SMOKES says:

    What type of roller sleeve are u using ?? Size and type… thnx

  31. JL B says:

    Is there a reason why you roll before cutting-in?

  32. Kikia Jones says:

    What type of roller brush are you using?

  33. Jonathan H. says:

    Excellent tip on removing excess paint from the edges and smooting out those lines. Really helped me with my wall on my final coat. Great look. Cheers.

  34. NordicChristian LionOfJudah says:

    I painted my front door today and its pissing me off on how i can't get an even coat ive got high gloss paint
    But ive got high gloss semi- gloss matte and flat all on the same damn door im about to rip it off the damn frame lol

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