How to Plan a Wall Mural Painting : Brushes for Wall Mural Painting
How to Plan a Wall Mural Painting : Brushes for Wall Mural Painting

IAN LOVEALL: Hi! I’m Ian Loveall with Expert
Village and we’re painting murals today. So, we’ve sort of taken you through some of the
materials and now I’m going to show you a couple of different brushes and the strokes
you can achieve with them. So, let’s get started. I do most of my work with a basic flat brush.
You’ll notice it has a nice wide bristle and it’s as the name implies pretty flat. Variety
of different strokes are possible with this. I usually use these if I’m laying in washes,
which is great for example painting the sky. For a sky, I will usually start at the top
of the wall and working very quickly because this stuff dries really fast. Just lay in
blue with a lot of water. You’ll notice that as I work my way down, it gets lighter. And
if you go outside and look at the sky, you’ll actually be able to observe this in real life.
And that’s because the atmosphere you’re looking through more of it as you head down towards
the horizon and that creates the whitish foggy look depending on where you’re living. If
you’re out in North Dakota the sky will be pretty bright blue all the way down to the
horizon. If you live in LA, however, you’re going to reach a much different color by the
time you’re at the horizon line. So, as you can see, I’m working very quickly and obviously on a large wall time is of the
Now, once I’ve got a sky laid in, you can either move on to another brush or you can
continue using your flat. I like to change brushes as little as possible just to save
time. So, then I would go in and decide it on where my light source would be. Start going
in and blocking in some cloud shapes and you’ll notice that I only loaded one half of this
brush with white paint. The other side is empty. And that gives you the nice, soft look
working as fast as I can. You may notice the paper starting to beat up a little bit. That’s
normal on paper. Obviously, that’s not going to happen or at least you hope that’s not
going to happen on your wall. If it does maybe you need a higher quality primer. So, there
you go. You’ve got a basic sky starting to take shape. It’s fast, it’s easy and you only
used one brush.

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