How To Play Rummikub
How To Play Rummikub

hello and welcome to how to play rummikub, presented by gathered together This video will cover how to play the
game rummikub. The video will start with the general concepts and gameplay,
and then get into more of the details for the game. The game is played with two
to four players. All the rummikub tiles are placed facedown in the center of all
players. Each player draws 14 tiles to start with. The object of the game is to
be the first player to get rid of all your tiles. Tiles can be played into the
middle when in a set. A set can be three or four tiles of the same rank in
different colors known as a group, or a set can be a run of three or more
consecutive numbers in the same color known as a run. Going back to the tiles
that were drawn earlier I have flipped up each player’s tiles for you to see. In
an actual game you will keep your tiles hidden from the other players. In order
to start playing a player’s first set must have a value of 30 or more. Player 1
begins the game by playing a run of 10, 11, and 12 in yellow, which has a value of
33. Play moves to player 2 who has a run of 1, 2, & 3 in red, but is unable to play
at first since it has a value less than 30. When players are unable to play they
draw a tile as their turn. Player 2 draws a tile and play moves to player three.
Player 3 plays a group of nines in different colors, and a group of twos in
different colors for a total value of 33. A player can play as many sets as he
wants to on a turn. Play moves back to player 1. After a player has made the
first move with a value over 30, any tiles can be played to the middle. Player
1 adds his black 9 to the group of 9s started by player 3. Play moves to player
2 who is now able to play sets into the middle with a red run of 11, 12, and 13,
and a red run of 1, 2, & 3, for a total value over 30. Play moves to player 3 who
is unable to play and draws a tile from the pool. Play moves to player 1 who adds
a red 4 and 5 to the run started by player 2. Play moves back to player 2 who
adds a red 3 into the middle and splits a run into two runs. A player can move
the tiles in the middle as much as wanted as long
as at least one tile came from his pile, and every tile ends up in an acceptable
set. Play moves to player three. Player three drew a joker tile on his last turn.
The Joker tile can be used as any number and color to help complete a set. Player
three uses it as a blue seven to complete a run. Play moves to player one.
Any time a player has a tile that the Joker is representing ,the tile can
replace the Joker. Player one places his blue seven to replace the Joker. When the
Joker is replaced it must be used in a new set on the same turn. Player one uses
his black 7 in black 10, with the Joker and the black nine from the group of
nines, to form a run. Player one can also add his red four to the end of the red
run of one, two, three. All the tiles in the middle are in acceptable sets, making
all of player ones moves acceptable. Play moves to player two who can replace the
Joker with his black eight and uses the Joker to form a run with his yellow six
and seven. Player two also adds a blue nine to the blue run of five to eight.
Player three is unable to play and draws. Play moves back to player one who adds
to his yellow 3 and 4. Player two then is able to add his yellow two to the same
run. player three plays his group of ones to the middle next. Play returns to
player one who is able to play his last two tiles to win the game. The numbers on
the tiles of a player’s first move must have a value of thirty or more. There are
two jokers among the tiles that can be used as any number and color. Players can
move the tiles in the middle around as much as wanted as long as at least one
tile was played from their pile, and all the tiles end up in acceptable sets.
Players can play as many tiles as possible from their pile on a turn. If
the pool of tiles to draw from runs out, and no player can make another move, the
player with the lowest value of tiles left wins the game. That wraps up how to
play rummikub. If you found this video helpful give it a thumbs up, and get more
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together games. Thanks for watching!

10 thoughts on “How To Play Rummikub”

  1. William Lemon says:

    Thank you I've had this game in my game closet for years and I've never known how to play it.

  2. burning island 123 says:

    You do amazing videos
    But i feel like u should try and do more than classical games and show more colour or excitement

  3. Reilly Walker says:

    That looks really fun and simple. I believe I still have a tile set, so I'll have to give it a try!

  4. BlackXS The Gamer says:

    Helpful and simple.. Thanks

  5. coco1124 says:

    My family played this game recently and it's surprisingly fun and gets pretty competitive

  6. • DaMemeKang • says:

    Rummy-kub, haha.

  7. Abradolf Lincler says:

    That's not how you play it.

  8. Tee Bee says:

    We like to segregate the same-color runs from the multiple color single numbers. We put one type of group on the right side of the table and the other on the left. We put all the blue runs together, all the green runs together and so on. We order the single numbers from high to low. We also keep an order to the colors of the single number groups, e.g., green/red/black/blue. This helps us see everything at a glance.

  9. Kecksohn says:

    perfectly described thanks, but Player 1 could have won one round earlier by taking the red 1 from the run and combining it with the 2 1s of his (or hers)

  10. Grogster2007 says:

    Thx….player i could have put his three 4's down earlier? Is it possible to skip a turn voluntarily?

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