How To Prevent Car Wash Runoff – Chemical Guys Water Containment Mat
How To Prevent Car Wash Runoff – Chemical Guys Water Containment Mat

The Chemical Guys Car Wash Water Reclamation Mat is the professional and responsible water containment system for detailers. Water containment systems prevent wastewater runoff into water supplies, storm drains, or delicate ecosystems. To use, simply unroll and inflate to capture water runoff. Each Water Containment Mat comes with a fast
action pump for fast inflation and deflation. Inflate the entire mat from one valve in seconds. Drive vehicles directly onto the inflated
mat to wash them using water. The extra-large 20 ft. x 10 ft. mat is perfect
for large cars, trucks, and SUVs. Rinse down the vehicle and capture all the
dirty water in the containment mat. Use your favorite pressure washer and premium
Chemical Guys auto shampoo for fast and effective cleaning with less water in less time. EPA mandates and local laws often require
containment and disposal of water runoff to prevent fouling of natural water supplies
and environmental contamination. The Professional Containment Mat is the only free-standing detailing containment mat. No need for tedious setup with heavy metal
brackets or supports. Chemical Guys water reclamation mats are manufactured from professional grade Polyvinyl for years of rugged detailing use. Use the Professional Grade mat for normal
vehicles, or the Heavy Duty Mat for larger trucks, heavier SUVs, and rugged all terrain
vehicles and off-road toys. 4’’ high inflatable high-rise berms capture and hold wastewater and chemical runoff for collection and disposal. Without collection, runoff can enter storm
drains, and flow directly into natural bodies of water without any treatment. Collect wastewater for proper treatment and
disposal for eco-friendly detailing. Rinse, wash, dry, and detail any vehicle using
Chemical Guys water containment mats.

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