How to Refinish and Strip Wood Furniture in 7 Steps

Hey in this video, I’m going to teach you
how to refinish a wood table, or really any sort of wood surface. My wife and I picked
up a coffee table for 25 bucks at a garage sale. And it was completely painted in white.
But we could tell that it was going to be a beautiful piece of art and functional coffee
table once we refinished it. Step number 1 is to get the right tools and equipment. So
some of the tools you’ll need for refinishing include paint stripper, if it has paint on
it, sand paper, wood filler if you want to fill any holes, a big tarp, and assortment
of brushes for restaining or repainting, a power sander if you need to really get in
there and sand it, some dirty rags that you’ll be able to get messy, some polyurethane or
other type of sealant to protect your wood in the end, and then an assortment of tools
to basically scrape off all of the white paint from this piece of furniture in the beginning.
Step number two is to set up your work area. You want to make sure that the ground is covered
because using the paint stripper is going to get a little bit messy and make sure that
it is well ventilated. Step 3 is stripping the paint. So using a paint stripper like
Klean Strip, we used the Klean Strip Strip X which I talked to the guys and Home Depot
about. They said it works perfectly. You just apply it to the paint like you would painting
on the table. You let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Then you use your paint-scraper tool to basically
scrape it off. And if it is working, the paint should come off relatively easy. You’ll also
have to use all sorts of other tools like toothpicks, screwdrivers, sand paper to get
all the paint off, especially with this table there’s lots of nooks and crannies that make
it super beautiful, but it also makes it harder to get all of that white paint off. And so
that was the most time-consuming part of this whole process, was taking off the paint. Step
4 is to sand down your table or whatever you’re refinishing. Start with something like a 60
or 120 grit sandpaper that is a little bit rougher, but then move up to something above
200 so that it gets super soft. Step number 5 painting or staining. Now we actually decided
to not stain or paint this table. After we took off the paint, we were saying wow this
is really beautiful wood. It’s pine. It has lots of cool marks on it that we didn’t want
to mess up. And we liked the color. And it went well with the rest of our furniture,
so if you want to this would be the step where you’d paint it or try staining it. Step number
6 is to seal it and protect your table from water and from other scratches. And we used
polyurethane. It’s basically a liquid plastic that people use all of the time to cover all
sorts of things, tables, chairs, desks. A lot of furniture has polyurethane on it. And
it just protects it. And so this just went on sort of like paint. You just paint it on.
And we did a few coats. Between each coat, you had to wait a couple hours. And the last
step was step number 7 where we basically let it sit for 7 full days. And this was the
hardest step. It was just waiting. We couldn’t wait to bring up our coffee table and start
using it, but now we have this beautiful work of art. So for about $25 for the table and
about $40 worth of equipment, but hours and hours of fun labor, it was well worth it.
So that is how you refinish a wood table. If you have any questions, please leave it
below. And please subscribe to the channel and we’ll see you in another video.

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