How to Remove Ink Stains from a Carpet
How to Remove Ink Stains from a Carpet

74 thoughts on “How to Remove Ink Stains from a Carpet”

  1. Mike Conway says:

    Boy, what can't WD-40 do?

  2. MCpapalop2 says:

    WD-40 is the nicest smelling thing in the world
    along with tip-ex and petrol

  3. tchanabc says:

    OMG!!! it works?

  4. ddrusa says:

    finaly a video that really works

  5. aglefed says:

    my brother drew on wood on my house and we bleached it a little bit and it works just don't do it on fabric itll make it all white

  6. Hoangx2008 says:

    or u can use SHAM WOW

  7. john27006 says:

    how do i get ink stains off of a hardwood floor would this method work?

  8. Mohammed Alkhuzaie says:

    me i have ink bottles
    some times i write with feathers

  9. Lee L says:

    How come you didnt show us wiping the ink up…I dont believe it unless I can see it

  10. Brittyn Chester says:

    shamwow youll be saying wow everytime

  11. islandblood58 says:

    will it work for old ink stains?

  12. impleasen says:

    no dont ever do that the solvents in that shit will encourage delamanation to the secondary backing and your carpet will bubble right there, and also water will do the same thing because the backing is put on with latex and liquids and latex dont mix it will desolve the latex and ruin your carpet, the fluffing up the carpet just damages the face yarns by causing the twist's to come un twisted causing a fraying or feather out look

  13. impleasen says:

    just bad news all around get a sample carpet do this shit there showing and see if you cant peel that secondary backing right off the carpet, then youll see for yourself, edit shampooing your carpets is bad news it ruins it and cuts the life right out of it, water destroyes carpet, i know i instal carpet and i use to sprinkle the backing with warm water to soften it up in the winter time so it would stretch better and soon relized that water and solvent are carpets worst enemy

  14. Our Wolfe Pack Life says:

    My husband watched this garbage and tried it. Now it's going to be even more expensive to have it professionally cleaned. The WD40 just made it WAY worse!!

  15. Earnings says:

    @PlaybackAgain hahahahahahahaha

  16. s patel says:

    thank you very much..our dye stain was a week old and it worked 🙂

  17. xfya says:

    will this work for lucozade on a beige carpet? tried everything but it wont go and its been a week now

  18. McNizzle168 says:

    Damn, can you do this with clothes?!?!?!?!?!

  19. lesliee N says:

    The stain looks like a penis

  20. indycarpetcleaning says:

    This is actually a good video… Im a professional carpet cleaner and this method will work. HOWEVER…. it must be rinsed out completely or it could cause problems. WD40 does work for a lot of things though!

  21. OGRUNERFUL says:

    but wont the wd-40 make the carpet smell bad??

  22. Angela McCulley says:

    didnt work…FAIL!
    made it worse!

  23. ScratchThat2009 says:

    @LittleBeeBistro YOU WATCH NIGAHIGA!!!!!!! xDDDDD

  24. Ariana Jahromi says:

    Why is he crying?
    It's just a flippin stain!!
    ( " )>

  25. Liz The Blue Fox says:

    @sephoraholic13 No,the shamWOHOO! 😀

  26. Morsal Nazamy says:

    No Oxi Clean?

  27. cillybbyx says:

    how about vinegar?

  28. isaac161000 says:

    You will need> Oxy Clean, water, and a shamwow
    step 1. apply oxy clean to the stain
    step 2. rinse with warm water
    step 3. dry with shamwow
    did you know that Billy Mays was known for advertiseing oxyclean

  29. Bob Loblaw says:

    Does this technique work with blood? I have a lot of blood all over the carpets of one of my rooms and the trunk of my car. Need to clean it urgently and it will not come out. Any tips would be much appreciated!

  30. DragonPunch2theFace says:

    this works !!!!

    but i used detergent not soapy water, the trick is to not be stingey on the detergent when applying to the stains as the soapy part cleans it

  31. Rubensteezy says:

    @ThePantyDroper OMG!

  32. freedomfromfiat says:

    I threw a party so I'm wondering if it will get vomit stains out of the carpet? I need to know ASAP before the rents come home

  33. Joseph Zarb says:

    followed the instructions to the letter The stain is still their faded and the surrounding carpet is bleached the Landlord will sue me for the cost of replacing the carpet Thanks guys

  34. CarpetCleaningWigan says:

    awsome video, thanks for the tip, does it work on old ink stains?

  35. Sean Chen says:

    Will this work on chocolate milk stains?

  36. Jamie Stephens says:

    Our dog chewed up a new pen, leaving ink literally in puddles on our steps. This worked perfectly! Notes: blot up what you can, let the wd40 sit on it for a bit (mine soaked for 30nin) Worked like a charm. Thanks!

  37. Melodie Woods says:


  38. OEFVETERAN 2010 says:

    It dont work just made it bigger an this is new carpet

  39. LisaTigressHardy says:

    OMG where the hell was this when I accidentally spilled ink on the carpet when i was younger, like 11-12 years old young. i got in so much trouble over an accident.

  40. Kristoffer Anderson says:

    thank you

  41. Charlotte Taylor says:

    This so did not work. The stain is huge now. Would have been better if I just left it alone. 

  42. HappyHooligan says:

    How about getting my dogs skidmarks outta the carpet?

  43. TheBuckshot49 says:

    Dropped a printer ink cartridge on the rug.  Tried this and it works like a charm!  Thank You!

  44. Jennifer Baulch says:

    yeah it does not work, it marks more on the carpet!

  45. wonders75 says:

    it made my carpet worser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! boo!

  46. Ilovewhitneyhouston 48 says:

    This doesn't work. It makes it worse. Best thing that worked for me was using rubbing alcohol and warn water. When using alcohol don't rub the stain just little dabs and I promise this works. The warm water gets what's left of the stain out if the carpet.

  47. Andy biersack says:

    NOOOO my carpet got a bigger stain what do I do?!?!?!!!!!?!

  48. freefalling093g says:

    am a kid and spelt this in my room am in soo much trouble!! am on my dads acc

  49. John The Verbose says:

    The crossfade jump cut at 0:38 took away any semblance of credibility. Can Howcast make a new video with less editing: no jump cuts, no transition effects (fades), nothing more than a one-shot time lapse? The process looks like it's worth trying, but the end result looked "too clean" to believe. And I do not volunteer the use of my carpet, lol

  50. Andrei Corneanu says:


  51. TooManyHungryCats! says:

    i used acne pads(the ones with salicylic acid) and that worked too. i didnt have rubbing alcohol and i needed to get it out before my mom or dad saw it if mom saw it first she would tell dad and dad panics if the house gets damaged because of house value and so if he were to see the stain… well lets just say astronauts would probably hear him yell…

  52. Tim Pritchard says:

    great tips

  53. gp 1000 says:

    worked well👍

  54. Janet Ozone says:

    Worked well.thank you for the tips.

  55. Dustin Denney says:

    Don't use this it makes it worse

  56. Mahrinna says:


  57. Shara Watson says:

    I tried for literally hours to make this work but i think the sheer volume of ink might have been my issue. I can imagine that it would work for smaller stains.

  58. Mia Davila says:

    I used a paper towel and water then I used windex

  59. Lil Cheesed says:


  60. yulkwul says:

    I used bleach and it kinda works.

  61. Ninette says:

    Brilliant…worked like magic! so relieved thank you

  62. Jada Johnson says:

    How many seconds do you have to wait til black print ink to clear up?

  63. Shinobi SE says:

    Mine started out as a small quarter size spot now it’s the size of an CD

  64. Deborah Hoke says:

    does not work

  65. Mayá * says:

    wow thanks!! it made my carpet worse 😒

  66. Olimaran 2006 says:

    It don't work

  67. Janet Ferguson says:


  68. Heena Manhar says:

    I do not have that no wonder there are 500 likes!

  69. Relax just be more tea says:

    0:36 they moved the camera to a clean spot

  70. shreeek b zoomin says:

    helpppp! this made it WORSE and it DOESNT WORK AT ALL.

  71. Nili Adler says:

    Use Baking Soda and vinegar

  72. Johnny Henderson says:

    Dang, it works! If bad, as mine was, apparently let dry before second try or use a huge sponge and copious amounts of said soapy water etc,. Thanks!

  73. Michael D says:

    This worked a treat!! Thank you so much. We just had new carpet lay'd and were shattered when we had an ink stain. Thanks again

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