How to remove permanent marker pen from carpet #TightwadDad
How to remove permanent marker pen from carpet #TightwadDad

So, what I did – Iooked at some “How To” videos.
And they’re all American. Er, and they called this “rubbing alcohol”. Er, I think it’s the
same thing. So here we’ve got a lovely bit of permanent marker pen on the floor. Er,
from writing a birthday card in Sharpies. On the floor. So that was a good idea Daddy.
Erm, so what we’re going to do – to get rid of this – (OFFSCREEN: DADDY!) Sorry, I just
turned down Rescue Bots. (OFFSCREEN: Daddy! Iknow Iknow I just hit the volume button on
rescue bots! Is it back?!) Good. So first you need Transformers Rescue Bots to keep
the kids away. While you do this. Right, I’ve used this. To spray it and it didn’t work.
Cos it doesn’t – it doesn’t work on erm permanent marker pen. But – it might’ve helped. Cos
I’ve just tried this, over here on the green and blue one and it’s really coming up. So,
what you need is “surgical spirit”! That’s what we call it in the UK. Erm you have to
buy it from behind the counter in supermarkets. It’s really cheap. And er, I think they don’t
put it on the shelves to stop you drinking it. Er, so there you go. It smells lovely.
Erm, and then what you do – I’ve got to do this and hold the camera at the same time.
Cos I haven’t bought a tripod. Erm. Is. Get your tissue. Get the surgical spirit. Right
the trick that everyone says is “don’t rub it in”. Even though they call it rubbing alcohol.
Erm, don’t rub it in – you’re supposed to dab. Sorry I’ve got my selfie stick getting
in the way. And you dab it like this. I don’t know if you can see that but, if you dab it…
it’s coming up. So I’m rubbing it. I don’t think you’re sposed to do that but there you
go. I’ll get some more. And then rub rub rub. Dab dab. Don’t know if you can see that but
it is definitely coming up. Erm, and again, I don’t know if the Vanish carpet cleaner
helped. I don’t think it did. Er I think this is all surgical spirit. Shall we do the red
one? Let’s do the red one. And you can see a before and after. Ready? Here we go. That’s
it! Now I’ve blogged – my kids have grown out of it now – but I’ve blogged all the artwork
that was on the, on the walls. Like that one. I put a link to it – and that should be appearing
now. I would’ve added this one to it. But I’m really pleased to say that the artwork
has stopped. This was an accidental thing. For a change. Let’s get rid of this green
one. You’re probably bored of this video now – but you get the gist. Use surgical spirit.
And dab dab dab. You see it’s going. That’s Sharpie. If you’ve got any tips, leave them
as a comment under the video. And take a look at my British Dad Stuff blog. Where there
won’t be any more tips like this. You are now watching a video of someone cleaning their
carpet! Kids are watching Transformers. There you go. Still here? You want to see it all
gone? Wow, I was not expecting that. Yeah, the carpet lives! For another 3 months. Or
until the next birthday card is written, in marker pen. On the carpet. Daddy daycare!
“Yeah, sure kids, yeah yeah course, yeah we need a birthday card. Yeah, no get the Sharpies
out. Yeah brilliant idea. No do it on the floor, yeah! Go on. Dads on a Saturday. Right
one last one, you can probably see the green stripe, see if we can… do this properly.
That is all gone. And then I think we just hoover up the kitchen towel. You can’t even
see on the… it’s like it’s dissolved it. You can hardly see it on the tissue. If this
helped, please please please subscribe to my YouTube channel. If you wanna say thanks.
Just subscribe, that would really help me out. Oh there’s a bit of red there. Let’s
get close. Red. Maybe I should add some music. I’ll do that afterwards, I’ll add some…
rubbing music. All gone. So that’s it. All you need, I don’t know if this is in focus,
some surgical spirit. Subscribe to my channel! It’ll really help me out, thank you. “My daddy’s
got 11 subscribers. My daddy said ledden scribers. Be number 12!” Click here!” (kids screaming
and crying)

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    Dab💃I did it but it didn't work

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    I've just got some off with a carpet cleaner.

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    Going to try this on my baker ross stamp stain on my carpet x

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    5000+ view and six comments (plus me)

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    Hand sanitizer works aswell!!

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    R u in America?

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