How To Remove Roof Tiles – DIY At Bunnings

I’m going to demonstrate how to remove and
then reinstall a roof tile. Say you are putting up a chimney flue for a fire or a log burner,
or installing a skylight, you are going to need to remove and replace and reinstall some
of your roof tiles. Really the only tools I need for this job are some good solid riggers
gloves I’ve got on here and some nice sturdy boots. I’ve also got a handrail installed
around the roof. I wouldn’t be getting up on your roof, unless you’ve got full protection
put in place and a nice solid ladder to get up on to the roof. I’ve selected my tile that I am going to take
out. The best way to do it is hold the opposite tile up, and as you’re holding it up, you
will be able to lift your tile out and expose the opening in your roof. Sometimes when you
are taking your tiles out, they are nailed in the top here, so when they are sitting
on the batten, they are nailed down. If you find that when you lift your
opposite tiles and you are trying to free your tile, it won’t come out, you are going
to have to push the next lot up to expose the tile up to expose this edge of the tile
to pop the nails out. In this case, we don’t have any nails in ours, but a good roof, especially
terra-cotta tiles, they’ll have nails. So I’m going to pull a few more tiles out.
I’m going to make this into an opening, so I can put a whirly-jig up on the roof. If
I lift the ones above it, it is enough to free up the tile, and I can keep taking them
out. I can take them to the left or the right, now that I’ve got an opening here. You need
to be mindful, too, that when you are stacking your tiles on the roof that you don’t stack
them too high because what will happen is, if you stack them too high, they will take
off and slide down your roof. I’ve shown you how to take some roof tiles
out. Now, I’m going to show you how to put them back in. Keep in mind that I still have
my nice, solid, safety footwear on, I still have my perimeter handrail on my roof, and
I’ve still got access with my good ladder to get up and down off the roof. It is almost
the opposite process. I’m going to lift up the tiles above, take my tile, and slide it
underneath. You can see with the tiles that were lifted up, it gives me good access to
lay more tile down. Now that I’ve got my tiles back in, just make
sure they are all sitting down properly and they are all in line with each other. That
is how you remove and replace and reinstall your roof tiles, keeping in mind all your
safety stuff: your boots, your perimeter scaffold, and your access. Be mindful that when you
do take some of your tiles out, some of them may be nailed, so if that is the case, you’ve
got to push a few of the higher tiles up to get access to those nails. Keep your spare
ones. You can use them to replace broken tiles.

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