How To Remove Seats and Carpet – 66 Mustang
How To Remove Seats and Carpet – 66 Mustang

12 thoughts on “How To Remove Seats and Carpet – 66 Mustang”

  1. Greg Warner says:

    Check your cowl with pouring water down it with the rust in the floors it probably means the cowl is rusted out

  2. Car Addict Garage says:

    Thanks, I will check that!

  3. Greg Warner says:

    If you type in mustang medic on YouTube they have a video on it

  4. jevchance says:

    Good stuff Donnie

  5. Lee Boatright says:

    You guys need pavement.

  6. graying823 says:

    do a water test in the cowl it looks like that is what is causing your rust problem on the floor panels

  7. Car Addict Garage says:

    I'll give that a try…Thanks!

  8. Car Addict Garage says:

    We finally have a garage to put it in….it will be much better. Working on the garage now!

  9. nj njturbo says:

    I read that a diluted vinegar solution on rusty metal stops the rust process . Any thoughts ? Possibly on a situation similar to the mustang floor after cleaning and sanding the surface..

  10. Car Addict Garage says:

    I have heard that dilute vinegar works for rust. I am also thinking about using Por-15. I think the diluted vinegar would work and much cheaper!

  11. littlecountry56 says:

    Love the mustang restoration project

  12. Joseph Hunt says:

    nice video good info i'm doing my falcon sprint

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