How to Remove Smoke Damage from Furniture
How to Remove Smoke Damage from Furniture

Hey guys, I’m Chelsea, and this is Project DiY For today’s episode we are going to show you one of the many ways you can strip and refinish a piece of furniture This one in particular is a cedar chest and it was involved in a fire It has got a lot of soot damage It’s got a whole lot of smoke damage It has got a lot of damage in general. We are going to do our best to bring it back to life and take you step by step Here’s the materials you are going to need So guys, this was a very challenging project but it goes to show that if you take the right steps use the right materials even you can achieve this sort of outcome we ran into quite a few snags along the way with the veneer being paper thin but we made our way through and I think that it looks great It is going back to its beloved home and that is where it should be Please continue following me on social media and drop me a line if you have any questions or comments Bye!

2 thoughts on “How to Remove Smoke Damage from Furniture”

  1. Gabriela 111 says:

    OMG, by the time I'm finished with all that, I can buy a new piece of furniture.

  2. Amour Armony says:

    how much would you charge for something like this?

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