How To Replace and Install a Toilet
How To Replace and Install a Toilet

So it’s time to replace your toilet… I know,
it’s probably not your favorite job, but hey, it’s easier than you think. To start, most new toilets come in standard
sizes that can be easily swapped out. But, if you’re in an older home it’s a good idea
to check first. Just measure the distance between the closet
bolts and the wall—not the trim, the wall—to make sure it’ll fit. And for tight spaces,
measure to the side walls. Take these measurements to Lowe’s to make sure you get a toilet that
fits your bathroom. Once you have your new toilet you can pull
out the old one. Now we’ve been remodeling this bathroom. We took out our old toilet
before we removed the old tile. Here’s what to do. Turn off the water supply. Then flush and
hold the handle to drain the water from the tank. The little bit of water left in the
bowl can be removed with a plastic cup or sponge. Next, disconnect the water supply
from the tank, and remove the nuts from the closet bolts. Now the old toilet is ready to come out. You
can set it in a garbage bag before you take it away. With the toilet gone, place a rag
in the drain to block sewer gases. Then use a putty knife to clean off the old wax ring.
If the closet flange is rusted, replace it. Ok, now it’s time to install the new toilet.
Insert new closet bolts in the flange if you haven’t already. To prep the bowl, gently
set it upside-down on a cloth and lightly press a new wax ring over the outlet. Ready for installation. Now you can remove
the rag from the drain. Line up the toilet with the bolts and lower
it. Press down around the toilet to seal it against the drain. Make sure it’s square to
the wall. Place the cap base, washers, and nuts on the
closet bolts. Tighten them, but not too tight, you might crack the toilet. Alternate between
each side as you go. If the closet bolts are too long for the caps, carefully cut them
with a hacksaw, then put on the caps. Bowl’s in. Now with two-piece toilets, the
tank goes on in almost no time at all. Most new toilets have the flush assembly and handle
installed, but if yours doesn’t now is the time to do it. Then, install the bolts and
rubber gasket. Set the tank in place and secure it with the nuts. Just hand tighten them for
now. Check that it’s level, then tighten the nuts just enough to make a watertight seal. We’re in the home stretch. Install the flush
handle according to the directions. Connect the water supply and slowly turn on the water.
Check for leaks around the supply lines and gasket, and make adjustments if you need to.
Then attach the seat. Flush the toilet a few times and look for leaks around the base.
Seal around the base with latex caulk. Set the top on the tank—and you’re done.
That wasn’t so bad. We’ve still got some work to do in this bathroom,
so be sure to check out the other remodeling videos at

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  1. Tools In Action says:

    Nice vid!

  2. Bob Manthey says:

    Absolutely TOP NOTCH instructional video on how to install a toilet.  Lowe's you hired a great TV production company, a very good spokesman and your script writer made this simple to understand. I will play this video in my family owned plumbing supply store in rural Buriram, Thailand. I look forward to my next shopping trip to Lowe's when I next visit the United States.  

  3. Lucas Javier Ruiz says:

    Esta muy ilustrativo.

  4. Terry Hollas says:

    Tip: if you cut a plastic drinking straw in half, and place them over each bolt, it lines up the toilet with the bolts instantly

  5. Luis Guevara says:


  6. SuperZX says:

    Seems easy enough for me to do on my own but the cleaning part of the drain was revolting. 

  7. anthonydeandre84 says:

    If the existing toilet has caulk around it you'll need to remove the caulk before removing the toilet. Make sure all connections to the tank are tight to prevent leaks.

  8. Vytautas Poška says:

    If the closed flange is rusted. . . ah ah. . .  replace it XD

  9. Thomas Nielsen says:

    Do you guys sell the American Standard Vormax?

  10. woohunter1 says:

    That doesn't look like enough wax for a closet flange that is even with the surface of the tile, use a thicker wax ring, or even better yet use one with a plastic horn.

  11. Bruce Doxey says:

    The guy says: If the flange is rusty, replace it. No explanation, no "how it's done." I still don't know and I have changed many toilets over the years.

  12. mike mike says:

    You put the Wax ring upside down

  13. ardvarkkkkk1 says:

    Heading out to do this right now.

  14. HERPY DERPEDY says:

    that moment…when u leave the rag in the drain and everything backflows …nightmare

  15. Jesse Thompson says:

    Recently replaced the ring under the toilet. This video don't show the sewer roaches. Or is that just one of the joys of living in Yuma, Az?

  16. Namishki901 says:

    Be careful not to crack your toilet everybody!

  17. DFKnightmare says:

    I thought the flange was supposed to be above the finished floor, not flush with it.

    Also, did you put the wax ring on upside down, or doesn't it matter?

  18. JPZ says:

    ok. After watching this video I have decided to go to Lowes instead of homedepot in an hour..

  19. erin kearney says:

    I have a joke

    Read more

  20. davecpgh3 says:

    I watched this to refresh my memory on a replacement. But an important detail they left out when caulking around the base of the toilet, leave about 2 to 3 inches open in the back. This is to find leaks sooner, if you caulk all the way around, it will fill up with water and leak thru the floor before you find the leak, this will allow water to easily leak by the toilet and you will find the leak much sooner, saving you money on extra repairs.

  21. P_Overstreet says:

    This was very helpful. Thank you.

  22. VintageTube says:

    The toilet he used to replace the older one is a kohler cimarron toilet

  23. VintageTube says:

    minivan lover and 2017

  24. Robby says:

    Who's the "contractor" — spokesman, actor?

  25. Daily says:

    Why did i watch this…

  26. Aart Sharo says:

    This guy is awesome

  27. Hector Dimas says:

    I recommend using a shop vac to clean up the water instead of a sponge if you have one available

  28. Haley Gold says:

    Youtube keeps giving me this ad. Why youtube why

  29. pgwarevt says:

    There was only one tip that they got wrong. Do NOT caulk around the base of the toilet. If the wax ring leaks, it will cause the floor to rot and the toilet will fall through the floor (usually with someone setting on it). I have worked as a plumber for over 20 years, and it was on a test that we took to get our license. Almost everyone failed this issue. FYI.

  30. Oscar Guzman says:

    I watched this ad cause the guy is cute, do more videos with this guy thanks

  31. MRSketch09 says:

    Good video. Simple to follow. Good editing.

  32. A S says:

    Why does he look so much like Vanoss? Lol

  33. Jen W says:

    We have a toilet that keeps leaking water down into the bowl from the tank so it runs every hour or so to fill back up. I've replaced the flapper twice now but even with a new one it doesn't seal.I used the flapper that came with the new "guts" and last time bought just the flapper that was recommended for that toilet… Any other tips?

  34. blueberrycharm says:

    Wait.. Why is this video just now being shown as an ad when it's 2 years almost 3 years old

  35. HelpdeskHonky says:

    I wish I was this giddy when installing a toilet.

  36. Christie Gurganus says:

    that guy's hot

  37. Shepherd Wolf says:

    My house was built in 1983 and my flange broke and the toilet rocks freely. Totally best to check first. I am not replacing the toilet

  38. Ethan Woodfield says:

    as a licensed plumber you never! silicone the bottom of the toilet very poor practice and you should tell people to do that cause if the seal wears out the water goes through your ceiling and not onto the floor where you can see it!

  39. E.N. Velazquez says:

    Muy buena y detallada la exosicion para la instalacion del toilet. o hinodoro.

  40. Harrison Boone says:

    I have installed 10s of toilets (not hundreds) and I have never used a rag to stop "the gasses", I just open the window and soldier on with the smell. Then again I'm a real man

  41. Jonny DIY says:

    1:50 Tight, but not too tight! Thats why Plumbers get paid the big bucks! Something as Simple as over tightening flange bolts will Crack your new toilet! Eek!

  42. patdio58 says:

    There should be an initial comment, that all the repairs, and installations are done with optimal conditions. As in repairs are done on brand new fixtures. All installations, are done where existing plumbing is not in need of some form of repair, or replacement, due to age, or deterioration. Try turning the shut offs in a 60-70 year old house. Even the main water shut off could snap off in your hand !! Taking a trap apart that has a large amount of corrosion on it !

  43. Renaye Brown says:

    Those are awfully pretty hands. Definitely not a builder or even a handyman.

  44. Ramon Gomez 2015-16 says:

    The 2012 1.6gpf/1.28gpf Kohler Cimarron Toilet Replace A Gerber Toilet In March 12 2014.

  45. chris romaine says:

    that is the toilet that I have

  46. Ck Digwal says:


  47. A1 Face says:

    All of your videos are amazing

  48. Tim List says:

    Many cities will not pick up the old toilet when placed out at the curb, Does Lowe's have a toilet recycling program?

  49. brotherjoeradosti says:

    In all of the videos I've seen on the toilet installation, the installer inserts the wax ring onto the toilet flange. You have to be careful that you don't poke the wax ring when you lower the toilet.

  50. tripjet999 says:

    "Sometimes, you use protective gloves, sometimes you don't." LOL.

  51. AnutDraws says:

    Why do so many tutorials suggest you place the wax ring down first and aim to land on it? This tutorial is easier with you pressing the wax ring against it first. Bonus question: do the new types of rings that arent made of wax work? If they do, why do people even still use these things. I just hate that mess.

  52. David Correa says:

    You need add plaster of around bowl to sit bowl

  53. Charlostain Sawshades says:

    Who else just searched on Google randomly and came across this?

  54. Top Feed Coco says:

    The 2 washers were just set on the flange with no nut.? You should use 2 washers and 2 nuts per blot, but if 1, the washer on top of plastic washer ABOVE the toiler.

  55. Fantastic Mister says:

    With the door to the right and the shower to the left, where would the person using the toilet grab toilet paper?

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