How to Sew a Dart
How to Sew a Dart

(upbeat music) – [Kelly] Hi, guys, it’s Kelly from the Do It Better Yourself Club, and I just wanted to
take a second to show you how you will sew a simple dart. This is just a scrap top that
I use for example purposes. If you’re doing a dart, you wouldn’t yet have
any placket assembled or anything like that. You would just have your bodice just cut out and ready to go. So the first thing that you would do, and, again, ignore my placket,
pretend that’s not there, is that you would mark your dart lines on the back side of your bodice. And once you’ve done
that, all you’re gonna do, and this is just super simple,
super easy, super quick, you’re gonna fold it so that
you get right sides together so that your lines match up on both sides. And you’re gonna come down to the point. I like to hold it there and just kind of get
everything nice and flat. Now, at this point some
people like to take it over to their iron and press this flat, just so it’s out of
your way or it’s crisp. I just kind of more like to
just go straight to the part where you will pin this all the way down the length of your dart, and then you’re gonna take it
over to your sewing machine. And once you’re there, you’re gonna put your presser foot a little bit in from the edge, and this is just gonna
make it easier to sew. And you’re gonna start at this edge. You’re gonna backstitch back to the edge and then you’re gonna forward stitch all the way down your line to the point. And once that’s done, you’re going to go to your iron, you’re gonna press this
seam allowance down. Hopefully you can see this. You would press that seam allowance down and just iron it so that
the seam allowance faces towards your bottom half. And that’s really, that’s
all there is to it. And then after you get your dart sewn, then you would just pick up with whatever the construction
is of your bodice. And this from the front side
would look more like this, where then it’s given
some room in the bust but it’s taken the extra out the side. So, this can be applied to
any darts on any pattern. I just wanted to give you a quick rundown. That’s what you would do. So to go over it again, turn your pattern piece
over to your back side, mark your darts, line up the bottom line and
the top line on the fold, pin it, stitch it, iron it down. That’s it. And then you’re done. (upbeat music)

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  1. siamese35 says:

    The music is distracting.

  2. luvinlife225 says:

    Thank you! I’ve just watched a ton of dart tutorials. I should’ve came to your channel 1st!

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