How to sew belt loops
How to sew belt loops

Welcome to Sewing for a living tutorials where
I share different sewing techniques and how I like to make some of the most
common alterations and repairments. In this video, I’m going to show you how to
add belt loops to a dress, a skirt, pants, jeans, or any other sewing project that
you might have on your sewing table right now. So, let’s begin. To make the
belt loops, cut a longer vertical piece of fabric. For example, if you want to put
five belt loops two inches each, cut the string at least 15 inches long so that
you have the length plus 3/8 of an inch or 1 centimeter seam allowance on each
side. The width of the string depends on the width of the belt loops you want to
make. It should be twice the width of the finished belt loop plus seam allowances
on both sides. Fold the fabric in half, wrong sides together and press it all
the way down. Fold and press the seam allowance in. I
want my belt loops to be 3/8 of an inch or one centimeter wide so the seam
allowance is going all the way to the middle fold. Pin all the way down. Sew the belt loop with two parallel
stitches. I like to do this on the cover stitch machine. You can also use a twin
needle. This way, you’re going to sew the belt loop with only one seam. In this
example, I’m going to use the regular straight stitch. First, I’m going to make
the outer seam. This fixes the edges in place and I don’t have to rip the seams
if the seam allowances get twisted or a bit out. Then make the second stitch line.
Be careful to make it parallel to the first and also at the same distance of
the edge. It starts to look like the actual thing already. Now, let’s sew
them to the dress. I’m going to put just two belt loops at both side seams at the
level of the waist line seam. I eyeball the size of the belt loops because in my
case it doesn’t matter that much. If you are adding belt loops to the waistband,
you should measure the size of the band and cut the belt loops accordingly and
add the seam allowance. Cut the edge of the belt loop string so
that you start with straight edges. once I’m happy with the size of my belt
loop, I’m going to use it as a pattern for the others. I’m going to measure the middle of my
belt loop because I want it to match the waistline seam. If you are making belt
loops for a waistband you can skip this step. Next, put the seam allowance under
and flip the belt loop over. I do this to mark the right position. You don’t need
to do all this if the belt loops are to be put on a waistband. Then, sew it in
place. Flip it over again and tuck the seam
allowance under. Be careful to put it straight. This time
sew on the face side. And here it is. It shouldn’t be too tight
or too loose. There should be just enough space to insert a belt in. Thank you so much for watching! Don’t
forget to like and subscribe for more sewing and DIY videos and I’ll see you
next time.

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