How to Spot clean a Shag Rug by Luv-A-Rug in Victoria BC
How to Spot clean a Shag Rug by Luv-A-Rug in Victoria BC

Hello it’s Ruglovermary for Luv-A-Rug in Victoria and today i’m going to show you how
to spot clean a polyester shag and you can see there’s two different
types of shag there’s the more synthetic shag and then there’s this shiny shag that looks like shoelaces it’s the shoelace shag that I am going to show you how to spot clean these are very nice when they are new. they’re shiny and they are soft but when they get a coffee spill on them or any other type of spill it definitely makes them not look as pretty so what i’ve done is I’ve put a white cotton towel underneath the area this happens to be coffee and you take the spot cleaner and you spray a separate towel and then you take it and then you take
each individual fiber and you wipe up from the base to the top and there’s two different sizes of
fibers in here but if the thicker ones that have grabbed the coffee so you just rub with the fibers and you can sorta see that i am getting some transfer which is good and you just continue doing this if you are getting a lot of transfer you moved to a new spot and see i am getting some coffee off there so that’s goods chances of all this
coming are pretty good and then this part here the edging you just wipe back and forth until it all comes off and you can see that these tips are a bit darker so you just take them and wipe from bottom to top and you go both ways on both side of it can you continue getting transfer which is good so the chances of so the chances of this rug looking all nice clean and shiny and white again are pretty
good so when you get a spill the I call it the shoelace acrylic shags don’t panic just take a white towel with some spot cleaner on it and wipe with the fiber until you are not getting any more transfer and it comes out pretty good on these rugs these rugs need to be cleaned at least
once a year minimum if they are in a living room and if you think that you can go more than that just move your coffee table after about nine months and you’ll see how grey the rug looks after it’s been walked on these rugs can last a few years if taken care of with spots getting take care of right away and cleaned once a year. the easiest way to vacuum
these rugs is upside down and then use suction only on the top with the little upholstery brush or crevice tool this has been Ruglovermary for Luv-A-Rug in victoria bc thank you

5 thoughts on “How to Spot clean a Shag Rug by Luv-A-Rug in Victoria BC”

  1. Janela Marisa says:

    Is it possible to deep clean the entire rug somehow?

  2. Daniel chemeris says:

    Hello! Very beautiful carpet !!! I want to buy myself the same, where did you buy it?

  3. Yvonne Escobar says:

    What spot cleaner are you using ?

  4. Gerardo Gomez says:

    It doesn’t look like it got cleaned & didn’t even say what spot cleaner to use.

  5. LeopardLover LeopardLover says:

    Awful video
    No description
    Rug still looks dirty
    What a waste of time

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